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  • What To Consider When Selecting Workout Clothing

    When choosing your workout clothes, your primary consideration should be comfort. Not comfort in the sense of lounging around on the sofa, but being comfortable enou…

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    Why are rest days so important after exercise?

    Exercise, mental strength and focus

    Many people you speak to who exercise on a regular basis will wax lyrical about rest days and how important they are. Those who are relatively new to exercise and perhaps …

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    Why do you want to get fit?

    It may seem an obvious question but the reason why you have decided to get fit will likely dictate whether you are successful not. There are many different reasons why yo…

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    Defeating Muscle Loss

    It’s no secret that cardio workouts burn fat, but did you know they burn just as much muscle? When your body ignites the cardiovascular system, the natural outcome is th…

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    Why you might not be losing the weight you want, despite exercising

    Are you spending hours at the gym pounding the treadmill and lifting weights only to find there’s no or little difference on the scales? Exercising without losing any w…

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    The preworkout market exploded over the past ten years

    Keep a training log

    Every gym dude and his brother is flocking to GNC, Bodybuilding.com, even Target and Walmart to buy this stuff like its cocaine. I haven’t ever tried cocaine, bu…

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    10 reasons to get fit

    We can all probably list 100 reasons not to do more exercise but many of us now realise keeping fit has a whole range of benefits. We will now list 10 reasons to get fit, many …

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