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  • Workout Program for Mass Gain

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    There are a lot of Workout Programs for those that want to gain more Muscle Mass. Some of them are split routines (for example: Monday – Chest and Triceps, Tuesday – Back and Biceps, Thursday – Shoulders, Friday – Legs and Calves), and some training programs are full-body workout routines. Some bodybuilders prefer high number of reps for better muscle pump to stimulate growth and others like to train with lower rep range (for example: 6-8 reps per set).

    Shaped and healthy body man holding a fresh salad bowl,shaped ab

    All of these programs will give you some results and you have to decide which program will fit you most. Adapt your workout program to you. If you are very busy man then you probably have time for only two training days for week and you don’t have to quit training because of that, try adapting your workout program to your free time and train two times a week. Training two times a week for someone gives better results than for somebody that works out five times a week. Also, eating 8 meals a day as many Fitness instructors advises is not necessary, I am have good results in lean muscle growth with only 4 – 5 meals and 2 of that meals are consumed in shakes so I have 3 big meals and two good protein shakes for a day and all of that differs from day to day. Sometimes I eat more than six times and sometimes maybe just three times, that does not mean that me or you or anybody will lose muscle gains because of that.

    Just focus on lifting heavy with compound movements and consume a lot of proteins, carbs and fats and have a good rest and you will gain lean muscle mass. At least one pound of lean muscle every week and that is enough. Gaining one pound of lean muscle every week will lead you to gaining 4 pounds of lean muscles for a month and so on, keep calculating. Nobody can gain 10 pounds of lean muscle for a week or even for a month without using anabolic steroids and just by proper training and nutrition plan. So, focus on little gains every week and try to eat healthy and train hard.

    Workout Program for Mass (3 times a week)

    Monday:  (Push Workout)

    Push Workout

    Wednesday: (Pull Workout)

    Pull Workout

    Friday: (Legs Workout)

    Legs Workout

    This Workout Program for Mass is created as Push, Pull and Legs split and it is great for hypertrophy (muscle growth). Try this workout routine for one month and you will see results in strength and muscle mass.

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