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  • 10 Foods that are High in Protein

    Why we must consume a lot of protein every day and why is that macronutrient such famous among all Athletes? Why are all Bodybuilders obsessed with high Protein food intake?

    We need Protein to Build and Repair Muscle
    To prevent Fat storage
    For Strength and to be more Healthy


    A deficiency of protein leads to muscle atrophy (losing muscle mass) and it bad for function of our bodies. Protein is very important for all people in the world, men and women, adults and children. It is not only good for Bodybuilders and Athletes, but for people that have training in the gym, street workout and any other sport it is recommended to consume a lot more of protein than people that does not train any sport.
    Now that we know why protein is so important macronutrient for our body and our muscles I will make a list of Food that is Highest in Protein and that we need to eat to build lean muscles and be stronger:

    High Protein Food

    Chicken and Turkey Breasts

    I will start with meat, because meat is highest in protein calories. Lean Chicken and Turkey meat contain about 30 grams in 100 grams of meat. You can eat about 150 grams for one meal and you will consume about 45 grams of Protein for one meal. Very easy, isn’t it?


    Lean Beef and Veal

    As I said, meat is highest in protein and beside Turkey and Chicken meat Beef is also very high and even higher in protein calories than Chicken breasts. Beef contains 36 grams of protein in 100 grams. It contains more fat than Chicken and Turkey so try to eat only Lean Beef or Veal that are lower in fat. Don’t be very much afraid though, you won’t die if you eat about 100 grams of beef. Red meat is not dangerous, those are just myths. Men need to eat more red meat and fats for raise of testosterone levels.


    Now when I said a lot about meat and protein calories in it I will now mention other high protein foods and their protein calories:

    Fish (Tuna, Salmon)

    – 20 grams of Protein in 100 grams
    – Omega 3 Fatty Acids


    Non-Fat Cheese

    – Above 32 grams of Protein in 100 grams
    – Mozzarella provide most proteins per calorie

    Eggs (Egg Whites)

    – 1 whole Egg provides 6 grams of Protein
    – Egg Whites are very lower in fats than Yolks

    Nuts and Seeds (Peanuts, Pumpkin Seeds)

    – Provides 30 grams of Protein in portion of 100 grams
    – Contains good fats
    – Great for snacks


    Yogurt and Milk

    – Provides about 7 grams of Protein per cup
    – Greek Yogurt contain a lot of protein calories and it is low in fat


    – 18 grams of Protein in portion of 100 grams

    Also Quinoa and Tofu.

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