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  • How to: Train the Latissimus Dorsi

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    In this YouTube video, Theo discusses the latissimus dorsi muscle, focusing on its anatomy, function, and exercises for effective training. He starts by highlighting the muscle’s significant size and role in the back, pointing out its triangular shape and extension from the pelvis to the upper arm, giving it a wing-like appearance. Theo explains the latissimus dorsi’s three main functions involving the shoulder joint: extension, adduction, and internal rotation. He also mentions its role in hyperextension of the spine and lateral flexion of the pelvis. The video then transitions to practical applications, demonstrating 11 exercises, starting from basic to more complex and evidence-based, suitable for training the latissimus dorsi. Theo emphasizes proper form and the mind-muscle connection in each exercise, such as the pulldown machine, straight arm pulldown, one-arm cable row, wide grip seated row, and others, including the lat pulldown and bent-over barbell row. He concludes by clarifying that the deadlift, while involving many muscles, doesn’t primarily target the latissimus dorsi.