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    Rob Niter: The chiseled process!

    Low fat, high muscle definition

    My goal is to share my passion in the hope that it inspires as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of focused exercise. Please feel free to contact me if you requi…

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    Advice for starting your own personal fitness business

    Being a personal fitness trainer is a rewarding job in many ways. From the satisfaction of helping individuals get fitter and in better shape, to helping to keep yourse…

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    How To Find Workout Motivation And Get Out Of Your Exercise Rut

    It’s time find some workout motivation and get out of your exercise rut. When it’s not clicking and you know you can do better take on these ideas to get you back on track.…

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    Going The Distance

    It’s a pleasure to spend time with you guys and explain how my approach to personal training is helping more people get active.

    I think it’s important for m…

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    Different Forms of Martial Arts

    From the early days of their invention to their dominance on big screens and their prevalence in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, it is evident that the popularit…

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    3 Coolest Natural Bodybuilders

    Muscle growth

    World of professional bodybuilding is filled with guys who (ab)use sports enhancement drugs. And unfortunately, a lot of amateur bodybuilders get sucked in, to comp…

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