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  • How To Find Workout Motivation And Get Out Of Your Exercise Rut

    It’s time find some workout motivation and get out of your exercise rut. When it’s not clicking and you know you can do better take on these ideas to get you back on track.

    Make It Social

    Get your friends to exercise with you. If someone is expecting you to show up to go for a run, you are more likely to do it. It makes you accountable. Dragging a friend along with a similar goal is a tried and tested method of staying on track.

    A study published in the Royal Society Journal Biology Letters explains that exercising with a friend will make you feel better than if you workout alone. It states that group workouts can lead to greater production of endorphins, making for a higher tolerance to pain, pushing your body further.

    Change Your Routine

    You’re likely to hit a plateau if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. Your body will get bored and so will your mind. This will make you less motivated and your workout will be less effective.

    Make the most of the last sunny days of summer. Go out for a bike ride or jump in a kayak. Exercising outside can boost your energy levels and can improve a stale exercise routine.

    Sign Up To An Event Or A Competition


    Signing up to compete in an event gives you a goal to work towards. Research shows that specific goals are the most motivating. If you’re doing a 5k, aim to reduce your best time by 2 minutes.

    Events such as RBC Race for Kids can give you that extra bit of motivation to get out of your fitness rut. Raising money for charity will can give you that boost and extra push to smash it.

    Track Your Progress

    Write down an exercise schedule and then stick to it. Record your successes. Seeing your fitness highs should fill you with pride, reinforce how capable you are and push you further.

    Try working out with a heart rate monitor to keep on top of your progress. By getting feedback on your intensity levels you can really pinpoint the goals for your session. Making sure you stay in the right heart rate zones during high and low intensity bursts gives you complete control of your workout.

    Listen To Something New

    Change the music that you listen to for some workout motivation. If you’re listening to the same old playlist that you’ve had on shuffle for months make a new one, or, listen to one of ours.

    Sports psychologist Dr Costas Karageorghis has found that listening to music when working out increases energy efficiency between 1-3 %. He also found that music lowers the perception of effort. This means it will be easier to workout harder and for longer when you’ve got your headphones in.

    So, give these a go and you’ll be out of your lull in no time. Make sure you let us know how you get on.

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