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  • 3 Coolest Natural Bodybuilders

    World of professional bodybuilding is filled with guys who (ab)use sports enhancement drugs. And unfortunately, a lot of amateur bodybuilders get sucked in, to compete against testosterone junkies. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to have a body that will last all your life and want to live longer, it might be a good idea to do only natural bodybuilding.

    People always argue about “natural bodybuilding” term. Some say it’s bodybuilding without any sports supplements, just using fish oil and vitamins to complement the diet. And most people say that it’s bodybuilding where you don’t use any steroids. I would say it’s somewhere in the middle, because Prohormones and “Natural Anabolics” are not safe and yet there are openly sold on the market. They have steroid similar side-effects in a long-term. However, you will be completely fine if you just stick with protein, amino acids and creatine.

    There are very few people that achieved truly outstanding results without any drugs. Here are the best 3: (no particular order)

    Jeff Willet

    jeff willet back

    Despite being “most popular” guy in the natural bodybuilding he is completely underground, especially when compared to any Pro. He trained all his life and achieved a lot of victories – multiple Team Universe wins and IFBB Pro card. He also introduced his own training system called Max-OT (Maximum Overload Training), which is based on low volume (4-6 reps), maximum weight lifting. Jeff used it since 1998 and looks like it worked incredibly well for him, judging by his transformation. It’s also a perfect program for natural bodybuilders, you must check it out. And of course Jeff has a bunch of training DVD’s and other helpful stuff on his own site – http://www.jeffwillet.com

    And we can’t really forget his physique. Jeff Willet is incredibly massive! Definitely the biggest natural bodybuilder around. If his chest would be more developed and he had slightly smaller waist, he would have perfect package, that’s for sure.

    Jim Cordova

    Jim Cordova_frontal

    This guy has the most balanced, well-sculpted body of all natural bodybuilders! Just magnificent. The only thing he really needs is bigger calves. And despite his massive presence, Jim weighs just around 80kg in off-season! Hard to believe it’s possible.

    He also has a lot of awards and recently Jim claimed such titles as WNBF Pro Mr. Universe and Pro Mr. America,  and he is certified trainer (a real authority in this) and marketing consultant for major fitness companies.

    It’s surprising and upsetting that he doesn’t really have any training DVD’s or books out. However, he has his own youtube channel with really good tips and advice. Some training videos also can be found on his website.

    Dave Goodin

    Dave Goodin frontal

    Despite being reasonably old (54), he still is rocking! Originally, he started as a weightlifter at age of 22 and 6 years later he decided to compete in bodybuilding instead. He has a long list of rewards and achievements under his belt and that’s not a surprise – he is an outstanding bodybuilder. Dave certainly isn’t a mass monster and he doesn’t have huge arms like Jeff and Jim, but I would say he is the most balanced here. Not even a single muscle group lags behind and his body is very harmonious.

    Perhaps his most notable achievement is 2-time WNBF Pro World Champ. And it’s very strange, but it seems that Dave doesn’t have a personal website. He can be found on some sites like bodybuilding.com and on http://texasshredderclassic.com/ , but there is nothing personal. Though he has an awesome DVD out! It’s called “The Texas Shredder”.

    All those guys are badasses. And what’s really interesting – they are all about 170-175 centimeters long and they all weight ~81-84kg in off-season, except Jeff, who weighs about 90kg. But that’s off-season! And it’s not much, if we compare them with Mr. Olympia monsters of the same height, like Jay Cutler, who is 140 kg in off-season!! The difference is obvious, and my vote goes for natural bodybuilding. Stay natural!