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  • Abdominal hold

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    The beauty of the abdominal hold exercise is the fact that it can be done anywhere where you have a chair or a stairway with at least four steps. If we look at the exercise involving a chair, simply sit in the chair with a straight back and your feet firmly planted on the ground. Then place your hands towards the side of the chair and lift your feet and your bum slowly off the ground. You should aim to lift your feet and your bum off the ground by between two to 3 inches and hold the position. You will feel a burn in your abdominal muscles as they tighten and then simply lower yourself back onto the chair, placing your feet back on the ground, and repeat.

    When carrying out this exercise on a stairway, give yourself at least four steps and placing your hands to the side of your body, lift your feet and your bum to between two and 3 inches off the ground. Hold, return to the starting position and repeat.