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  • Should You Really Be Drinking Protein Shakes

    What is a Protein Shake?
    To understand what a protein shake is made up of, and whether or not you should really be drinking it, we first have to look at where it comes from an…

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    Boost Your Appearance by Losing Weight with the Help of B12 Shots

    Are you shocked that you are becoming overweight and want to shed some extra fat? Do you want to get back to a proper shape and do away with the depression, which is connect…

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    Different Forms of Martial Arts

    From the early days of their invention to their dominance on big screens and their prevalence in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, it is evident that the popularit…

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    Whey Protein Shake Recipes: Qualities of the Best Whey Protein Powder

    There are many whey protein shake recipes that you can use to help you boost immune system and build muscle tone faster. However, some whey protein powders are made of po…

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    Proof That Negative Training WORKS

    This is Iron thumb. As you can see this is my first post here on this Blog. I write about bodybuilding on my original blog and today what we are going to discuss my favorite t…

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    A Beginners Guide To Exercise: Five Great Ways To Help You Get Started

    Its tough getting back to full fitness

    Are you considering starting a fitness regime? Have you noticed the bathroom scales creeping up? Are those jeans getting tighter? Do you think your diet, lack of exerc…

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    Bodybuilding Routines – Five Great Reasons to Improve your Workout

    The ultimate tips on how to boost your brain health

    Your days of being a newbie are long gone. You have been paying your direct debits for many a year now. However, things can start to get, well, a bit boring. This is because …

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    5 Ways To Bulk Up: Tips For Bodybuilding Newbies

    4 Things That Are Destroying Your Workout Performance and Your Health

    You have decided to start bodybuilding, and now that you have the right equipment or joined the right gym you are now looking at the dietary and long-term goals/objecti…

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    5 Great Ways To Get Into Bodybuilding

    You have decided that you want to get into bodybuilding, but you’re unsure about the whole process. You want the ‘ripped’ look but don’t quite know the difference betwe…

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    The Importance Of Treating Yourself When Exercising

    Getting back into your fitness regime

    Chocolate, Beer or the Kebab are not usually foodstuffs that fitness fanatics like to talk about, but that said, it does not mean that you can’t eat or drink the good stuf…

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