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  • Bodybuilding Routines – Five Great Reasons to Improve your Workout

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    Your days of being a newbie are long gone. You have been paying your direct debits for many a year now. However, things can start to get, well, a bit boring. This is because people get into routines. The best way we can get the most out of our bodybuilding regime (and keep ourselves ripped) is to make sure we improve our workouts regularly.

    What can we do to make sure we maintain and get the most out of our bodybuilding regime? This article will look at five great reasons we can use help improve our workout?


    #1 –  It Makes You Happy

    Schwarzennegger always seems pretty happy, right?

    Schwarzennegger always seems pretty happy, right?

    The so-called ‘runners high’ is a well documented biomechanical response to increased levels of endorphins after cardio workouts. So if you are just trundling along with a few visits to the weights room and doing a few curls perhaps you need to ‘mix it up’, why not go for a run – get some of the endorphins going and it will help you get the most our of your bodybuilding regime.

    Obviously, don’t go every day as cardio isn’t helpful in large doses in terms of building muscle, but in small doses it can do you the world of good.


    #2 – It Keeps Your Body Conditioned

    The properties in bodybuilding, and exercise as a whole, can help in reducing long-term acute pain. These can be injuries from repetitive strain of working at a desk on a keyboard to a rugby tackle injury in your youth. By working out you are maintaining the integrity of your muscles. The biomechanical wear and tear through positive management – i.e. sleep, eat and workout well – will result in decreased long-term pain.


    #3 – It Strengthens Your Bone Integrity

    It is well researched that if you lift weights then your bones become accustomed to the weight and in turn will become stronger. Stronger bone tissue has the capacity to enhance its structure and operation in response to wider biomechanical and metabolic demands. This is why doctors tell kids to workout to improve bone density and growth.

    Therefore, by lifting weights you can help protect your bones which will help in later life.


    #4 – It’s All About Sleep



    Many people think sleep is for wimps! Michael Douglas didn’t help the debate either. These popular cultural references aside, we need to remember that sleep is an important part of any bodybuilder’s regime. Its only during your sleep that the biomechanical muscle tissue tears are repaired, and as such you need sleep to help repair and grow muscle. It’s that simple!

    Get a good night’s sleep and this, in part, should help you continue your bodybuilding journey.


    #5 – It Improves Brain Activity

    Bodybuilding helps the mind!

    Bodybuilding helps the mind!

    Did you know that your cognitive abilities – your mental actions – are improved by continued aerobic or weight-training exercises? The improvements have been documented by sports scientists who claim that improved brain structure comes from cyclical aerobic or weight-training exercise. However, it is important to keep your mind active.

    If your job or life inst mentally challenging enough perhaps you need to start other forms of mental activity because your brain needs a workout too? Why not read, take up Sudoku or play Chess? These activities will help your brain patterns and therein structure to improve cognitive function.

    This helps you improve your bodybuilding abilities because improved cognitive function helps improve the weight-training process.



    There you have it. Five great ways you can re-focus your bodybuilding attention on making yourself happy, more mentally aware, well rested along with bone and biomechanical conditioning. This means that you need to sleep more, relax, mentally challenge yourself, and not forget the cardio whilst focusing on your bodybuilding regime to help you make sure you get the very best out of your endeavours.