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  • 5 Ways To Bulk Up: Tips For Bodybuilding Newbies

    You have decided to start bodybuilding, and now that you have the right equipment or joined the right gym you are now looking at the dietary and long-term goals/objectives of your bodybuilding regime. This article will help newbie bodybuilders by giving you five great ways to help you bulk-up. These five points will help you gain the right amount of weight, healthily, whilst making sure your body gets the right amount of nutrients, hydration and exercise to make sure your body remains healthy.

    Here are the way points to bulking up:


    Calories, calories and even more calories

    Steak: A great source of protein and calories.

    Steak: A great source of protein and calories.

    Think the opposite of losing weight – when you think about eating fewer carbs than your body needs which creates a deficit in terms of calorific requirements. The opposite is true when bulking-up; you need to focus on calories and eating more calorific foodstuffs. So eat more bread, pasta or rice.

    This is important because you need to add around 400-800+ calories to your current daily calorific intake. This way you will bulk up – but remember this does not give you the right to pizza and KFC every day. You need to eat healthy calorific food stuffs like lean meats, low-fat dairy or perhaps fruit and veg.


    Cardio is your new enemy!

    You need to avoid undertaking cardiovascular training workouts whilst you are trying to bulk-up. The reason why is that cardio is good for weight loss, which will be counter-productive for your needs in terms of bulking-up. Therefore, for fitness reasons do no more than 20 minutes for a max three times per week.

    This way your body is getting the basic requirements in terms of cardio exercise, but it won’t affect your bulking-up dietary regime.


    Sleep is your new friend!

    Sleep is goooooood!

    Sleep is goooooood!

    Do not, under any circumstances, deprive your body of sleep. This is a vitally important element of maintaining a healthy body.  It is during sleep that the body repairs tissue and muscle damage – the ‘damage’ caused by working out. This is natural, and there is no need to worry, but you need your sleep so your body can help you bulk-up faster.

    The body, when under pressure like bulking-up and bodybuilding requires around 6 to 9 hours sleep according to sports scientists. Therefore, you need to factor in sleep into your hectic and busy lifestyle.


    Shakes or Bars – you choose?

    Protein shakes or bars? Either is great!

    Protein shakes or bars? Either is great!

    After your workouts, you need to have a recovery shake or bar because after core-workouts your body will be in dire need of micro and macronutrients. Therefore, by drinking a recovery shake or eating a recovery bar along with some orange juice or dextrose power you can get the right protein and the right carbohydrates into your body.

    This will help get protein digested as fast as possible into the stomach, the carbohydrates will then help rebuild your glycogen in the muscle cells which in turn helps generate a faster healing process.


    Core Exercises – Your new workout

    You need to focus on what are called compound exercises. These exercises focus attention on more than one muscle group. Types of compound exercises include Flat Bench Presses, Squats or Deadlifts which will help exercise the right quantities of muscle tissue. This will in time lead to quicker muscle gain. You need to alternate days and focus on doing these types of exercises about two to four times a week.



    If you can use the above five points effectively – i.e. you eat the right foodstuffs, manage the right amount of sleep, include core workouts, use the right shakes/bars whilst also avoiding the dreaded carbs – you can successfully and quickly bulk-up to the frame you want and need for your bodybuilding objectives and goals. So why not start planning how you are going to start bulking-up for your bodybuilding adventure?