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    Rob Niter: The chiseled process!

    Low fat, high muscle definition

    My goal is to share my passion in hopes to inspire many. Thank you so much for the opportunity! About Rob Niter Rob is a professional natural bodybuilder, international fitness model, motivational speaker and entrepreneur who has immense knowledge and wisdom in the fitness industry. His amazing physique is prime, but well-known for his character and high standards in representing sports fitness. Rob inspires millions of people through leadership by example, while educating young followers to reach their highest potential;

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    Advice for starting your own personal fitness business

    Being a personal fitness trainer is a rewarding job in many ways. From the satisfaction of helping individuals get fitter and in better shape, to helping to keep yourself at a good level of fitness, a career in personal fitness training comes with many rewards. The good news is that you don’t have to be a body-builder or yoga fanatic to train to be a personal fitness instructor and even run your own personal fitness business. All you need is

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    How To Find Workout Motivation And Get Out Of Your Exercise Rut

    It’s time find some workout motivation and get out of your exercise rut. When it’s not clicking and you know you can do better take on these ideas to get you back on track. Make It Social Get your friends to exercise with you. If someone is expecting you to show up to go for a run, you are more likely to do it. It makes you accountable. Dragging a friend along with a similar goal is a tried and tested

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    Going The Distance

    It’s a pleasure to spend time with you guys and explain how my approach to personal training is helping more people get active. I think it’s important for me to say I am not on a mission to change the face of personal training! I train my clients both in person and via Skype, and I believe they both have their merits. I view internet based Skype workouts as an alternative, not necessarily a replacement, for modern day personal training.

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    Different Forms of Martial Arts

    From the early days of their invention to their dominance on big screens and their prevalence in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, it is evident that the popularity of martial arts has never decreased. Martial arts is a self-defense tool that embraces mental health and balance. Millions of people around the world practice some form of martial arts. Though most of the martial art forms originated in Asia, they are hugely popular in North America, as well. We will discuss the

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    3 Coolest Natural Bodybuilders

    Muscle growth

    World of professional bodybuilding is filled with guys who (ab)use sports enhancement drugs. And unfortunately, a lot of amateur bodybuilders get sucked in, to compete against testosterone junkies. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to have a body that will last all your life and want to live longer, it might be a good idea to do only natural bodybuilding. People always argue about “natural bodybuilding” term. Some say it’s bodybuilding without any sports supplements,

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