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  • Top 5 Protein Powders For Best Muscle Gains

    whey gold standard
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    If you are serio…

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    11 tips for injury prevention in bodybuilding, part 2.

    It’s the second part of the series you will learn even more tips to prevent injuries and keep progressing safely. You can find the first part here – “11 tips for inj

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    11 tips for injury prevention in bodybuilding, part 1.

    Intense training and injuries can go hand in hand, fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way. You can prevent all of your injuries by following some simple guidelines a…

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    Machines in bodybuilding. Are they any good?

    Exercise, mental strength and focus

    We hear a lot of controversy, whether machines are any good for building muscles or not. Some people prefer to stick with free weights only, others focus on machines. Bu…

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    What a complete newbie should do in the gym.

    If you are going in the gym for a first time, or you are on your first few weeks of training, there is something you need to know. If you want a truly great body you need to star…

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    Advice on eating fish as a bodybuilder

    Eating fish

    We all know how important Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are. We can’t survive without them and they have dozens of benefits. And of course fish is the best source for th…

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    4 Exercises for Legs you can’t miss

    Five simple but effective strength training strategies to garner maximum results

    When it comes to leg training it’s pretty straightforward. We can say it’s reasonably simple, but not easy by any means. The hardest compound movements will give you th…

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    3 Best types of meat for a bodybuilder

    Everyone knows that eating lots of quality meat is a critical component in building muscle. But what type of meat should you choose? Article below will give you the answ…

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    How much cardio you must do as a bodybuilder?

    Strength training strategies

    Building muscle mass (hopefully via a structured workout plan for muscle building) is always a priority, but you shouldn’t discard cardio if you want to be lean and, wh…

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    Training chest with Arnold Schwarzenegger


    Do you know any man who goes in the gym and does not do any bench presses? Probably not. While bench presses are amazing for building overall chest muscle mass, there are f…

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