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  • 3 Best types of meat for a bodybuilder

    Everyone knows that eating lots of quality meat is a critical component in building muscle. But what type of meat should you choose? Article below will give you the answer and in addition to that you will know what types of meat should be avoided.

    1) Turkey fillet

    turkey fillet raw

    Also called turkey breasts (skinless). It’s a very good source of protein (around 22.5 grams per 100 grams of raw meat), almost zero fat (less than 1 gram) and it tastes great even if you don’t add salt and lots of seasoning. In addition to that it’s a source of vitamin B6, niacin, and some other essential minerals like zinc, iron, etc. On top of that it acts like antioxidant and boosts immunity in the long term. The downside of this meat might be the price (not cheap) and availability, if you’re buying your meat from supermarket (which you shouldn’t do).

    2) Chicken fillet

    Chicken-Fillets raw

    Also called chicken breasts (skinless). Definitely the most popular choice for a bodybuilder. And there are many reasons why. First of all, it has a lot of protein in it, just around 21.5 grams or so, which is almost the same as turkey. And it has just ~3 grams of fat per 100 grams, which is still more than fine. The taste might be bland and annoying after a while, compared to turkey, but different seasonings can help you with this. And then again, every meat gets annoying after few weeks of eating it on a daily basis. Chicken fillet is also the cheapest of the 3 and it’s widely available everywhere.

    3) Beef fillet

    beef fillet raw

    Great source of protein and micronutrients like iron, zinc, calcium and potassium. Also rich in creatine. It has around 21 gram of protein per 100 grams of raw meat, which is just slightly behind chicken fillet. Amount of fat is close to 4 grams, which is still doable. The problem with beef is that it’s quite pricey (most expensive of all three), and you must know how to cook it. You can get away without any cooking understanding with turkey and chicken, but not with beef. However, if you have at least some skills, beef fillet steaks could be absolutely delicious.

    It’s important to note that protein amount in these meats is not laser-precise, and it’s measured in raw meat. When you cook the meat, it has more protein and more fat, depending on the method of cooking. So don’t be surprised, if you see numbers like 27 grams of protein in 100 grams of grilled chicken breasts. What is important though, is the fact that from these 3 turkey has the most protein in 100 grams and least amount of fat. Beef has slightly less protein in it, and more fat, but difference is small. So if you like beef more – go for it, this will not make a big difference in a long run.

    And meat like pork, mutton, duck and others should not be consumed on a daily basis – there is too much fat. But nothing wrong with eating it once in a while (1 time a week, 2 – max).