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    The preworkout market exploded over the past ten years

    Keep a training log

    Every gym dude and his brother is flocking to GNC, Bodybuilding.com, even Target and Walmart to buy this stuff like its cocaine. I haven’t ever tried cocaine, but I’d guess some of the effects are similar (increased heart rate, energy, blood flow, etc). I was one of these gym bros. I’ve tried upwards of 20 preworkouts in the past and they’re one of the most effective supplements you can take to hype you up for a bicep-busting, chest-popping workout. I’ve

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    Top 5 Protein Powders For Best Muscle Gains

    whey gold standard

    This article is submitted through our Guest post feature, please encourage more guest posts by commenting , liking and sharing where possible… If you are serious about building lean muscle mass, protein shakes are a necessity.  First of all, consuming enough protein without any shakes is very difficult, because for optimal muscle growth you need at least 160-200 grams of protein daily (if your body weight is 80kg, as example). General rule of thumb is to consume 2 grams of

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    The Best Pre-Workout Supplement Ingredients and Why They Work

    Muscle memory, brain power and long-term fitness

    If you are like many others looking for a magic pill to boost your energy among other things before your workout sessions, you are in the right place. Supplements have been a part of exercise and diet for many years, but the popularity of effective pre-workout supplementation is recent. It owes its importance to numerous research studies conducted on the subject, validating that their use drives performance. But, how do you know which is the best supplement for you? Here

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    Supplements you should NOT take. Part 2.

    In the previous part – “Supplements you should NOT take. Part 1.”, we looked at the 2 of the most popular supplements on the bodybuilding market – glutamine and weight gainers. Now let’s analyze some of the less known things, and save you even more money and health. Testosterone Boosters. There is a great variety of these supplements on the market. “Tribulus Terrestris” is usually the main ingredient in these. Some are pure, some contain a whole bunch of other

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    Supplements you should NOT take. Part1.

    We’ve been talking a lot about supplements, specifically, the ones you should take and the ones that are the best in their category (amino acids, protein) . But there are supplements that are plain useless and some are even dangerous. What about those? In this article you will discover supplements, which should be avoided and what are the reasons for that. Overview will be divided in 2 parts, so make sure you’ve seen both! Glutamine. Surprised? Don’t be. It’s one

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    Top 3 BCAA Powders

    As discussed in previous article (3 Most important supplements), BCAA’s are a great supplement for building muscle, preventing muscle breakdown and gaining that vital energy for your hard training. Milos Sarcev, IFBB bodybuilder and one of the most sought after bodybuilding trainers praises value of BCAA’s. He says that they are much better than any protein powders, because they are pure – there are no fats, no flavors, and no carbohydrates. All of which makes BCAA’s perfect not only for

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    3 Most Important Supplements for a bodybuilder

    There are tons and tons of bodybuilding supplements on the market, and the overwhelming variety just gives more confusion to beginners and intermediates. Many people just go from one “best supplement of the month” to another. Few know that, essentially, 80% (or even more, in some countries like USA, where health control is not so strict) of all the supplements are absolute rubbish. And we mean it – waste of time, money, and in the worst scenario – waste of

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