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  • Why do you want to get fit?

    It may seem an obvious question but the reason why you have decided to get fit will likely dictate whether you are successful not. There are many different reasons why you would want to get fit but there are also other elements which you need to take into consideration such as motivation. There are millions of people around the world who use the start of the New Year to begin a new fitness regime. They have the motivation, they have the willpower and many of them have an array of different reasons why they want to do it. So, why do so many fail? Why do so many New Year’s resolutions for by the wayside?

    What motivates you to get fit?

    There are many different reasons why you might be motivated to improve your general health and fitness. These include:-

    Health issues

    MassageMore so as we grow older, but not necessarily restricted to the older generation, we do tend to experience more serious health issues in later life. It is well documented that a high level of general fitness can help to combat an array of medical issues. Health is always a good motivation and if you are genuinely concerned about your general well-being this is worth taking serious. However, whether young or old you need to ensure you take it slowly, increasing your stamina and not pushing yourself too far.

    Weight loss

    Over the festive period it is very easy to sit back, a few days off work, enjoy the Christmas festivities just a little too much and reduce your general exercise. Over a few weeks you can literally gain a few pounds which can be difficult to lose unless you increase your exercise regime and general fitness. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why many people use the New Year as the time to “make a resolution” but what do you do after you have lost the weight you gained? In a perfect world you would continue your fitness regime but once many people hit their target they tend to lose some of their motivation.

    Look good/feel good

    There is nothing wrong with looking good and feeling good in yourself so there is nothing wrong in using this as a Leg Exercisemotivation to improve your general fitness. We see many people at the gym who have changed their look and their shape and the vast majority of them feel much better for it. For many people it is difficult to find the initial push, that reason and the initial motivation to make that move but once you have done it, it can become quite addictive. It is also worth remembering that we all have different metabolisms, we all have different body shapes and therefore our bodies will react differently to prolonged exercise, fitness and weight training.

    Social interaction

    The gym and fitness classes are surprisingly popular when it comes to meeting strangers and making friends. Very often you can relate to what the other person is going through, you can possibly help each other and this can make for very strong friendship bonds. If you have moved away from your home town, perhaps you have a new job or your life has changed dramatically, joining a gym can be a useful way to socialise. There is not just the socialising within the gym itself but there may be an opportunity to have a drink and a chat with like-minded people.


    Whatever your motivation and reasons for wanting to improve your fitness it is imperative that you keep it going as long as possible to get the greatest benefits. Every year we see the vast majority of “New Year’s resolutions” broken with people taking advantage of introductory offers from Gyms in January and then failing to renew in February. When it boils down to the basics, you need to want to get fit, to improve your exercise regime and maybe introduce light weights into your exercise routine, for yourself and nobody else. Give yourself short-term targets, feel good about yourself when you hit them and then look to the future.