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  • Ultimate Guide to Paleo Diet


    The Paleo diet is an effort for people to start eating healthy food. If we compare the food habits of today and of the way back in the days when hunting was the only way to stay alive. Nowadays we depend on extra oily food, stir-fried chicken, etc. However, back then, meat, fish, nuts, leafy greens, seeds, etc were the only food that kept people alive.

    Ultimate Guide to Paleo Diet
    The Paleo diet is just a way to remind people that if people of those time could survive with such strict food habits, then why can’t we!

    How does it work?

    The Paleo diet focuses on unprocessed, real food that has been there for thousands of years. There is a famous saying, “What goes around comes around”, the same is true in many aspects of life, and nutrition world is no exception! So rather than stuffing yourself with junk and processed food, let’s have some real, whole food. Paleo diet makes you aware of what you’re eating, at what time, and how much. To stay fit it is vital to keep a record of your eating habits.

    What comes under The Paleo diet?

    First off, it’s really important to recognize that what you’re eating comes from your diet chart. So Paleo diet is not an alien concept, it focuses on natural stuff. For example, if you’re eating a green vegetable it directly comes from nature, whereas, ice-cream is a processed food – made by a human. Therefore, processed food will not come under Paleo diet. Let’s have a quick run-down of the foods you can eat while on a Paleo diet:-

    ●    Fish – Bass, Salmon, Tilapia

    ●    Eggs – really healthy

    ●    Vegetables – all green vegetables

    ●    Natural oils – Avocado, Olive, and coconut

    ●    Nuts – all nuts excluding peanuts

    ●    Seafood

    ●    Lean meats – it includes Lamb, chicken, beef, bison, veal, venison, etc

    ●    Fruits – less sugary fruits

    Looking at this list, it’s for sure that 10,000 years ago there wouldn’t be a chance to get oreo biscuits, potato chips, twinkies or cereal breakfast. Thus, we’re sure now you exactly know what all can you have on the Paleo diet.

    #5 options to start a paleo diet

    So it is important that the diet suits your personality and state of mind. Considering this as the basic aim of these options, we request to consider one of the options given below depending on your personality and the way you work.

    1)    The firm way

    If you’re able to follow rules and more towards an authoritarian method, this method will definitely work for you. So basically, you’ve to be strict with your eating habits and enjoy this diet with full responsibility.

    ●    Clean your entire pantry: Utilise all the stuff available in your pantry before starting the Paleo diet. It is essential that you only bring the diet-related food material, follow it in a strict way.

    ●    Then, print out the Paleo diet from its official website and paste it in your kitchen.

    ●    Once, done with the first two points, we suggest you divide your meal plans according to your preference.

    ●    Bring in all the Paleo diet essentials (written in your meal plan)

    ●    Try not to eat out at all: This is going to be really hard but at the same time, amazingly productive.

    2)    The Strict method

    So there are people who have a busy schedule and are unable to cook for themselves. For people falling under this category, please follow the method given below:-

    ●    First off, sign in for The Paleo diet delivery services. There are some amazing restaurants who provide you the strict paleo diet for the entire month. So people who have a hectic schedule can definitely follow this method.

    ●    Please read out the Paleo diet carefully and make sure you don’t eat extra food at the restaurants.

    ●    Get some nice Paleo snacks for yourself. This will help you to cut out on the feeling of hunger between the meals.

    3)    The easy way

    If you’re a person who finds it really hard to follow strict schedules and diets plans, then definitely this method is going to help you to take a swift transition into your new diet plan. Please follow the points given below:-

    ●    To go the easy way out, follow one meal per day of the Paleo diet. So for that, start with a very low-sugar breakfast every day. This will help you to initially adjust the diet plan in your day-to-day life.

    ●    After few weeks, add the Paleo dinner in your diet plan

    ●    And after few weeks from then, add the Paleo lunch. This is the best way to swiftly sift into a strict diet plan.

    4)    The Gentle method

    It’s always easy to replace your traditional food with the hard Paleo diet plan, but there should a specific way to replace your regular food with the Paleo diet.

    ●    Gradually replace all your food habits with the Paleo diet plan.

    ●    Later, add-in non-replacement food, for example, vegetables and meat for prescribed meal of the day.

    ●    After a while, start phasing out the replacement food.

    In the end, don’t forget that Paleo diet is not just about food. It’s vital to de-stress, sleep, and exercise. Dieting shouldn’t be your aim at the end of the day, exercising making your body work according to your diet is really important. Letting your body absorb all the proteins and carbohydrates should be your one basic goal. This state of mind will really help you to lose weight and stick to a healthy natural diet.

    This article was written by Nathan at www.thefitnessfolder.com.