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  • Top Bodybuilding Mistakes That Limit Your Muscle Growth


    Bodybuilding is good sport involving exercises to gain more muscles with principal activities being weight lifting and dieting. It is a beautiful game that improves the appearance of an individual to feel vigorous and good about them thereby boosting their confidence significantly. Bodybuilders have their body shapes checked and in good condition, get attention and become famous and gain more friends. There are several mistakes however that bodybuilders commit in their daily bodybuilding exercises that may make the desired result unfruitful.

    #1 Overdoing exercises and sets

    Some bodybuilders do exercises excessively more than their body muscles can handle. Influence to perform like their professional instructors or fellow bodybuilders who may have been in the game for long or use body stimulants render the bodybuilder overworked and energy drained.

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    The increase in size and muscles strength depends majorly on the intensity of the muscle work but not the volume. Overdone exercises reduce the intended effects of the activities instead of an increment because the body does not get enough recovery from the used energy and to adapt.

    The bodybuilding exercise should be moderate according to one’s limits with good rest breaks between sessions.

    #2 Not eating well

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    Quality food in every meal is essential to bodybuilders. Many bodybuilders make the mistake of exercising regularly well without decorating their plates with foods to keep up with their burning calories. They end up built up but skinny which is not the purpose of their exercises. Successful bodybuilders put a lot of proteins in their meals to help in building up their muscles to give them their desired body shapes and strength.

    #3 Not working smart

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    Not working smart enough during workouts is a big bodybuilding mistake. People who intend to join the bodybuilding club but do not have professional instructors end up losing it all in most cases. Bodybuilding is a sport like many other that needs many considerations such as professional skills to handle the exercising timetable, workouts, and instructions on the different equipment involved. A person may work hard regularly to gain muscles without consistent results because they are not handling the exercise smartly.

    #4 Changing workout exercises too often

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    Switching the method of exercises too frequently won’t give the body muscles enough time to adapt the new condition presented and an allowance to grow. Growth comes with consistent application and progressive change of the basic concepts. It is a bodybuilding mistake to believe that doing the same exercise for long makes the muscles resistant to other activities in the long run. Useful bodybuilding training brings effects when it is done over and over again for sometimes to make the body change and adapt to that change. A bodybuilder should have a primary workout activity as a routine supplemented by a few other flexing exercises for a given time before switching to another type.

    #5 Not tracking progress

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    For practical training in bodybuilding, workout journals and use progressive records are very essential. A body builder without knowledge about their training volume or the frequency of their exercises may find it difficult to make any progress or adjustment. Records need to be accurate and always updated if the bodybuilding exercises should be useful enough.

    A Proper recording will establish the bodybuilder’s limits to avoid overworking their muscles.

    #6 Inadequate training

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    Muscles will grow and strength when they work hard enough beyond their regular performance. Every weightlifting should involve a weight that is heavy enough and lifted until it’s no longer possible. The weight should be able to lift and pause in air for at least 3 seconds before lowering down to remain for three other seconds before lifted again and the lifting and lowering continued for between 5 and twenty times.

    Muscle growth occurs at the three last hardest lifts of the weight when the body seems not able to take the repetitions anymore. It is a bodybuilding mistake to give up the weight when they feel their muscles on fire, and their heart bound exceedingly hard where the muscles are just about to over work.

    #7 Using bodybuilding pills

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    While bodybuilding pills and supplements may work out perfectly for expected body shape and muscles majority are a waste of user’s time and money with some serious side effects. Many people make the bodybuilding mistake of following advertisements from bodybuilding magazine which offer information that is exaggerated and far away from the truth. Magazines mostly target to pickpocket readers who love shortcuts to avoid pains before gaining.

    It is a good practice to consult bodybuilding experts or medical consultants before using the stimulating drugs.

    #8 Unbalanced body training

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    Bodybuilders with little information of their activities spend most of their time on one particular workout. Many weights exercises focus on the muscles of the hands, chest and the abdomen leaving out the lower parts of the body. It is a healthy practice for bodybuilders to exercise their legs well through squats, leg presses, and deadlifts to give the body an equal strength and muscle growth.

    After weight lifting, bodybuilders need to do little extra exercises to their joints and other parts of their bodies such as fingers and the body joints to keep them in flexible and in a proper body posture.

    #9 Not resting enough

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    The body if using up while in the gym and grows when given enough time to rebuild and recover when out of the gym. It is an open bodybuilding mistake to burn out in weight lifting without giving their bodies time to rest and make useful increase because they are constantly wearing them out thereby appearing weaker instead.

    Weight lifters need to lift the stones and have regular breaks and progress to new weights as an advance to new levels after adapting to their previous ones. The muscles get time to build up for actual changes.

    #10 Not considering their stress

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    The cortisol hormone is released by stress levels to feed on body tissues. Going to the gym regularly and observing all proper bodybuilding ethics and practices may end up futile without monitoring your stress levels. It is an advisable practice to follow stress reducing strategies such as taking long walks, journaling or consulting a stress counselor. Stress as well can increase the body weight of a body builder by storing fats in the abdomen to create a potbelly which is not a desirable shape for the bodybuilder.


    Bodybuilding is an enjoyable practice considering the positive image and other benefits a person earns just like any other physical sport. However, a strict code of conduct must be followed to see worth the gains associated, or else, the game may turn out to impose health issues to the bodybuilder. Bodybuilding mistakes must be eliminated at all cost possible.

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