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  • Top 8 natural energy boosters needed for a good workout

    Have you ever heard the proverb “eat to live, not live to eat”? The saying is absolutely true and it is not only about overeating! Food is one of the main sources of energy necessary for us to stay alive. Our nutrition give us vitamins, minerals and other nutrients helping our bodies to cope with physical and mental activities, to be in good health and just to enjoy living.

    There is no doubt, we are all different, and our lifestyles vary as well. That’s why our organisms require different levels of life energy. People who do sports obviously need more power than those who maintain sedentary lifestyles. In addition to the daily activities that everyone does, they also exercise. So extra activity requires extra energy. However, it does not mean that you should eat a lot if you are a sporty person. It’s quality, not quantity of nutrition that is important here.

    Energy keeps you going

    Energy keeps you going

    There is no need to tell you that sports nutrition is specific. Today most people, even those not engaged in sport, know what an athlete should eat because of the popularity of healthy lifestyle and physical activity all over the world. But the foods boosting human energy level usually are in the shadows.

    A few words about the importance of natural energy-boosting foods

    Proper sports nutrition can energize your body but not for the whole day and such aspects as sleep deprivation, hard mental activity and even a bad mood make you weak and tired. If you are going to exercise, to run or to do another physical activity without additional refreshment, your workout turns into a real challenge and suffering. Indeed, you need to eat some energy boosting foods before going to exercise. There are a lot of energy-boosting bars and other special sports foods, but you can choose natural boosters full of useful components to get the same effects.

    Top 8 natural energy boosting pre-workout snacks you should add to your sports diet

    1. Bananas

    The banana is a tropical fruit that is able to balance your blood sugar, to strengthen your cardiovascular system and restore your electrolytes balance. Although bananas are more caloric than other fruits, they are digested much easier. It is enough to eat two bananas before going to an intense workout to help your body to boost energy and stamina.

    2. Low-fat plain yogurt

    Rich in magnesium, yogurt helps activate enzymes to promote the digestion and assimilation of proteins and carbohydrates. Yogurt is also a source of calcium supporting the health of bones. But calcium also plays a role in muscle metabolism vital for every athlete, too. For an extra energy boost, add a sliced banana to a cup of yogurt.

    3. Oatmeal

    Oatmeal is rich in B vitamins and soluble fiber, the grain provides more sustained energy than any other does. It is full of useful carbohydrates which is a critical energy source for athletes. Oatmeal maintains your power for a long time during your workout and curbs appetite by slowing the absorption of glucose into your bloodstream. Eat one plateful of the grain 45 minutes before exercising, and you will be able to bear 1.5 hours of hard training.


    Don’t forget about running!

    A handful of raisins will bring oxygen to your blood, improve cellular nutrition and boost the power of your body in a natural way. You can eat raisins during a long hard workout to fight exhaustion.

    5. Ginger tea

    A tea made of fresh ginger, hot water, and lemon is the best beverage for feeling good and sprightly. Ginger can reduce fatigue by improving blood circulation and blood sugar levels. Drink it before, during, and after exercising.

    6. Shilajit

    Shilajit is a powerful energizer. It can be used to reduce physical weakness and improve the body’s stamina due to Fulvic acid. The acid has the full range of minerals, amino acids and trace elements, such as natural polysaccharides, peptides, vitamins, steroids, fatty acids and other essential components for post-workout recovery. You can read more on how to use the natural Shilajit because it has plenty of benefits for health.

    7. Spinach

    Spinach is a perfect source of iron, a mineral required for vital cell and body functions. Low levels of iron lead to impaired physical activity and fatigue. Spinach is also full of vitamin C and folate. That powerful nutrient will help you stay in tip-top shape during your workouts.

    8. Water

    It is such an ordinary but significant and vitally important product for us. Water is a simple and cheap way to increase energy, fight fatigue, and help to keep your body operating at prime efficiency. Try to drink water instead of tea, coffee, juice, and other beverages.

    All the products are natural and rich in vitamins and minerals. They will not only boost your energy level but also give you other benefits for good health. That’s why they have a great advantage over human-made chemical energy boosting pre-workout snacks.

    You should not use all the products listed above, just find your favorite. If you are not doing sports, then these boosters will have a good effect on you, too. They will let you forget about the coffee you drink to wake your body up, sleepiness, overstrain and other things which can knock you sideways.

    Keep fueling the fire

    Keep fueling the fire

    It is also worth mentioning that nutrition is just one of the sources of your energy. It means there are other ones, so do not forget about them as everything should be in the balance. For example, if you take additional energy boosters but do not get enough sleep, then the results will be poor. Seven or eight hours of sleep is a healthy sleep necessary to all people because it is the primary source of human energy. A person can live without food and water for some time, but living without a good sleep is impossible. While a human sleeps, his or her body is restoring and getting ready for next hard day. Do you want to have enough strength for exercising? Then go to bed earlier and sleep more.

    This knowledge will help you achieve your sports goals easier and quicker without overtraining and pushing your body to exhaustion.