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  • Thigh abductor machine exercise

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    Thigh abductor muscle machines are commonplace in the modern day gym and are an extremely useful way to exercise your abductor muscles. The key to focusing on the abductor muscles is to ensure that the upper half of your body remains stationary while you are sat at the abductor machine. Simply select the weight with which you feel comfortable and position your legs, bent at the knee, straightforward from your body. Now you simply press against the abductor machine pads which will utilise the weights you have added and help to exercise and strengthen your abductor muscles. It is advisable to exhale as you are pushing your legs outwards and inhale as you slowly return to the starting position. You should not overdo this particular exercise because while it is very useful you will feel it the next day! Over time will come stamina and you will be able to go longer with greater weight resistance.