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  • The BEST Serratus Anterior Exercises

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    In this video, Arash from Team Prehab, along with Julia Gland, delve into the serratus anterior, also known as the boxer’s muscle. This muscle, which spans from the lateral ribs to the medial aspect of the scapula, plays a crucial role in protracting and upwardly rotating the scapula.

    They demonstrate exercises to enhance serratus anterior control, divided into closed chain and open chain environments:

    1. Closed Chain Serratus Anterior Exercises: Julia performs exercises on her hands and knees, focusing on twisting the triceps into the armpits and pushing the body away from the floor, promoting scapular protraction. The exercises progress from a modified plank to a push-up position, known as a push-up plus, increasing shoulder demand and serratus anterior activation.
    2. Open Chain Serratus Anterior Exercises: Utilizing a theraband, Julia performs exercises lying face up, focusing on driving the elbow upwards while externally rotating the shoulder. This movement promotes the activation of the serratus anterior while minimizing the pectoral muscles’ contribution.

    Throughout the video, Arash emphasizes the importance of minimizing pectoral muscle activation to focus more on the serratus anterior. They suggest experimenting with different angles and arm positions, such as bent or straight elbows, to effectively target the serratus anterior.

    In conclusion, the video offers practical tips and exercises for those looking to improve their serratus anterior control, a key component for shoulder stability and function.