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  • Skinny-Guy’ Tips To Build Quick Muscle

    If you are a hard-gainer, then it is acceptable of you to think, you cannot build muscle genetically. More often, you are seen not putting any effort into it or, on the contrary, working too hard and not letting your body to recover. However, we have busted this myth for all you skinny guys out there. The following read will help you add some major muscle to your frame.

    Heart and Exercise

    Eating well and organized

    You are never going to get there eating only vegetables, because that is not the high end of calories. Eat about 1gm of protein for every pound of body weight that you have. Let’s say you weigh about 100 pounds that means you need to eat 100gms of protein every day. A great source of protein is Greek yogurt and eggs. Try building mass out of as many meals a day as possible. Eat effectively, which means, proper ratios of all the macronutrients-proteins, carbohydrates (carbs) and fat and consuming them on schedule. If you eat 7 meals a day, make sure it is done every 2-3 hours, to make that metabolism work and feed the muscles. Steady supply of nutrients to your body is a must.

    Following are some nutrient rich foods and dietary regulations to follow:

    # Nuts: They are rich in calories as they have a lot of good fat. They help you get some protein in each serving that helps in the muscle gain.

    # Liquid calories: The best calorie source is a bunch of stuff in a blender taken in as a shake. Adding scoops of protein powder to it increases the calories and makes the shake more nutritious. Drinking tons of water strategically will help in balanced metabolism.

    # Eat your protein first: When your stomach realises you are eating food, it releases hydrochloric acid to help with digestion. This acid is necessary to break down protein but not the carbs, so if you eat carbs first, you waste the acid released by your body and when the protein finally hits, you might not have complete digestion, causing you to feel bloated which will affect your upcoming meals.

    # Eat before bed: It is advised to take a calorie rich snack right before bed to ensure your body has the calories it needs while you are sleeping.

    # Foods that help gaining lean mass: it is important to stick to lean proteins such as chicken breast and ground turkey. You can also buy fattier versions of lean proteins for example, ground turkey has either 93% or 99% of lean protein, you can choose the former because a skinny body needs fat to fuel, get a better workout and exert more energy. Boys need some fat amount in their diet to maintain high testosterone levels too, so do not cut down on the fat completely. Choose healthy fat sources over the unhealthy and clogging fats.

    Proper Workout

    Face your fear of going to the gym. You may be a little nervous to hit the gym because you are afraid of getting ridiculed for your frame. But trust me, facing that fear and making that first move is going to set the stage for everything else. Find one exercise per major muscle group to focus on. Major muscle groups are your chest, back, shoulders, legs and arms – biceps and triceps.

    Following are basic gym workouts for skinny guys.

    # Bent over rows for your back
    # Squat for your legs
    # Over head press for shoulders
    # Barbell curl for biceps and lying extension for triceps

    Start with bench press, not necessarily with dumbbells, because you might not have that coordination yet, so use a bar instead. These exercises are compound as they involve multiple joints. They help build coordination on movements initially and help you become stronger, allowing different muscles to work together. Learn the movement pattern and groove on it. Once you get the technique on these exercises, gradually start adding a second exercise from each muscle group. Think big, but think just one step down from where you were. For example, add a lat pull down or a pull up if you are training at home for your back. Or add a lunge- a great single unilateral exercise for your legs. The idea is to make yourself comfortable.

    Quality sleep

    Sleep is a big key in gaining weight and hence, gaining monster muscles. It plays a major role in repairing and recovering your muscles. During a workout, you break the muscle down and when you sleep, the muscle recovers and gets bigger. Sleep around 8 hours a night. A lot of body chemical processes take place while you are sleeping. It’s only during REM sleep that pituitary glands release growth hormones. Growth hormones regulate testosterone and testosterone is why you get lean and muscular. If you are sleep deprived, your testosterone levels are low and hence you are not letting your muscle grow. The actual growth takes place during your recovery process. Quality of sleep in also important. Prime your sleep environment perfectly to be able to sleep quickly and get a quality sleep

    Adequate Supplementation

    You have to earn the right and privilege to be able to start taking supplements. An early supplementation is overkill for a fresher. You must learn proper moves, the right way to train and knowledge of how to put it all together, before you start with supplements. But if you have been dedicated to attain a right shape for quite a while now, and you are looking to take it to the next level, then it is a yes on the supplement intake for you. As we know, nutrition can be a large component in providing your body with the fuel it needs, to stay healthy. Also, we might fail to prepare nutritious diet in the stressful times. Thus, in a high stress job or a situation you can absolutely incorporate some form of supplementation, such as Xtremeno supplement, to allow your body to recover faster.

    Being consistent and committed

    For your body type, that is naturally skinny, you will have to walk an extra mile. From extra eating to get some mass on yourself, to making correct choices, you should be fully committed. You should engage in planned workouts to stimulate your muscles and should ensure you are feeding your body effectively and regularly through your meals. It is really important for you to step it up and put your time into it.

    Target all the different kinds of muscle fiber by changing it up. That way you remain functional, and have your strength and stamina in place. For a skinny body, simply feeding it would not solve any purpose. That way you are just putting the food though your digestive system. The body will then either store it as fat or doesn’t hold it at all, which is pointless. As money doesn’t grow on trees, likewise muscles just do not grow from the air you breathe, you need nutrients. Stimulate growth by lifting heavy and make your muscles hungry for those nutrients. Feed your muscles with macronutrients and supplements such as Xtremeno best muscle bodybuilding supplement , if required. Workout and get plenty of rest. Stay built by adopting the appropriate combination of everything mentioned above.