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  • Serratus Anterior Exercise | Vol#1

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    In this video, Aiden Smith from Silicon Valley V Comm demonstrates a regressed exercise for strengthening the anterior serratus muscle, which is often recommended for individuals with scapula winging, tilting, or both. The exercise involves the following steps:

    1. Setup: Use a flat bench, therapy bench, or massage table. Lighter weights are recommended to start, typically around eight or ten pounds, depending on the individual’s size and strength.
    2. Execution: Lie back on the bench and relax your scapula (shoulder blades) against it. With arms straight, perform a protraction motion where you push the weights up, causing your shoulder blades to lift off the bench.
    3. Movement and Tempo: The movement is a straightforward protraction of the shoulders. The recommended tempo is to push up for one count, hold for one count at the top, and then lower for one count. The motion might appear slightly jerky, but this is effective for working the anterior serratus muscle.
    4. Important Note: When performing this exercise, start with the shoulder blades resting naturally on the bench. Avoid pre-retracting (squeezing) them together before lifting. The focus should be on protracting (pushing) them outward as the arms are pushed straight up.

    This exercise is designed as a foundational or regressed form of strengthening for the anterior serratus, typically the starting point before progressing to more advanced exercises.