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  • Seated Barbell Shoulder Press

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    The Seated Barbell Shoulder Press is another great way to focus on developing your front deltoids and the fact that you are seated means the focus is wholly on upperbody strength and deltoid muscles. For this exercise you will need a barbell press station, which is effectively a padded seat next to the rack of weights. The starting position for the exercise is seated on the press station with your feet firmly planted on the ground and your lower back slightly arched. Then simply grab the bar weights using a palms forward grip with your elbows pointing down. Lift the barbell above your head stopping just short of the elbow lockout position. As you lift the weights, your elbows should move so that they are directly below your wrists. Maintain the fully extended position above your head for a few seconds and then slowly lower the barbell down to your chest. Once the barbell touches your chest, lift again to the fully extended position and repeat.