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  • Rope Face Pulls

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    This exercise is known as Rope Face Pulls and while it may sound a little gruesome, it is nowhere as difficult as it might sound. This is a perfect way to exercise your shoulders and in particular your deltoids. To carry out this exercise you will need a cable machine and a rope which goes through the cable machine handle – giving you two ends of rope to grab hold of and pull. The main body of the cable machine should be around about your chest level and the whole idea is to pull the cable, using the ropes as handles, up to your face. You should have a relatively open stance, standing up straight facing the machine and at all times, from start to finish, your elbows should be higher than your wrists. As you pull the cable back towards your face, it is important to ensure that your elbows remain high at all times. When you reach your face, pause for a few seconds to place pressure on your shoulders and then slowly revert back to the starting position.