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  • Reverse Preacher Curl

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    A Reverse Preacher Curl is a perfect way to exercise your Brachioradialis muscles. To do this exercise you will require a preacher bench with a barbell which you will find at your local gym. Sit on the preacher bench with your feet on the ground and your arms on the pad. Adjust the seat accordingly so that your armpits are rested on the top of the pad for comfort, bending your elbows downwards. Then you simply grab the barbell with your palms face down and raise it up toward your chest until your arms are vertical, then lower it slowly down back to the starting position. It is only your lower arms which will move from the elbow downwards with your upper arms staying rigid on the pad. It is advisable to start with five repetitions and then slowly increase as you become more comfortable. You will feel a significant burn on your Brachioradialis muscle as you carry out this exercise.