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  • Quad Set Exercise Demonstration

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    The Quad Set exercise is a simple yet effective way to strengthen your quadriceps, the muscle group located at the front of your thigh. This exercise can be performed with or without a small towel roll placed under your knee. Here’s a summary of how to do it:

    1. Position: Sit or lie down with your leg extended straight in front of you. If you’re unable to straighten your knee completely, place a small towel roll under it for support.
    2. Execution: Firmly press your knee down into the towel roll (if using) or directly onto the surface you’re lying on. As you do this, focus on contracting or squeezing your thigh muscles.
    3. Visual Cues: Look for your kneecap pulling upwards towards your body. You should also be able to see the muscles in your thigh engaging or ‘bulking up’.
    4. Duration and Repetition: Hold this muscle contraction for about 10 seconds. Relax, and then repeat. Aim for 10 repetitions in a set.

    This exercise helps in activating and strengthening the quadriceps, which are crucial for various movements like standing, walking, and climbing stairs. It’s especially beneficial for those recovering from knee injuries or surgeries, as it aids in regaining strength and stability in the knee area.

    For a detailed demonstration and additional tips, it’s always helpful to watch a video or consult a physical therapist to ensure you’re performing the exercise correctly.