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  • What is physiotherapy treatment and what are the most common types?

    You have often heard people going to physiotherapists for general toning up of their bodies. The term physiotherapy treatment appears cool to you, but you have no idea about what does it mean?

    The following article is dedicated towards explaining physiotherapy treatment and its types:

    Physiotherapy Treatment

    You can think about physiotherapy as “physical therapy”. Physically through different means, your body undergoes principles of mechanics and body movements. Normally, you often hear older people or people who suffered from paralysis going to physiotherapists.

    Uses of Physiotherapy

    The uses of physiotherapy are endless. Some of them include:

    •    More mobility
    •    Less pain in joints
    •    Improved body coordination
    •    Better movement of blood flow in bloodstreams
    •    Improved respiration

    Protect your bones from damage

    Protect your bones from damage

    Types of Physiotherapy

    Modern science has contributed a lot towards the field of physiotherapy treatment. More and more methods are being devised so that mankind could benefit from the healing properties of physiotherapy.

    1. Cryotherapy

    This is also known as ‘cold therapy’. This treatment is best for reduction of pain and swelling, especially of immediate injuries.
    You can also use this physiotherapy treatment after using a DKM – deep kneading massage. Examples of cryotherapy includes usage of ice packs and ice massages.

    2. Heat Therapy

    Just like cold, heat plays a viable role in reduction of body ailments. Heat therapy improves your blood flow and helps heal your body injuries. It relieves pain by softening body tissues.

    Heat therapy can be done by several applications. Some of them are:

    •    Hot packs
    •    Diathermy
    •    Parrafin wax bath

    3. Strength Exercises

    Certain conditions are known to make your body weak. You can get strong again by doing strength exercises. These particular exercises are a major part of physical rehabilitation and should be performed under the care of an instructor.

    Knee joints

    Take care of your knee joints

    4. Acupuncture

    This is a Chinese treatment. In this particular treatment, there is a concept of various acupuncture points, spread throughout the body.
    Fine needles are inserted inside the body which help in removal of pain. While the method may appear shocking, this physiotherapy treatment has shown extraordinary results.

    5. Therapeutic Massage

    Talk about rest and recreation – this is all about soft tissue mobilization. This physiotherapy treatment helps relax your tight muscles and increase blood flow in all body parts. Pain is minimized and swelling is reduced with the application of therapeutic massages.

    6. Electric Simulation

    Lack of physical activity wastes your muscles. This phenomenon is known as “muscle atrophy”.
    Think about a person suffering from paralysis? How will he move?
    That’s where electric simulation comes into play. In this technique of physiotherapy, electrodes are placed on the skin of an individual, which reduce the size of muscles.

    7. Taping

    Taping involves the process of applying tape to the skin. This technique is commonly used by athletes to keep a stable position of bones and muscles.
    Taping limits the movement of joints to protect against undue strain. The muscular architecture is relieved via correct usage of taping and blood flow is increased in specific parts of body.