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  • The ONLY ONE Thing You Need to Know to Help You Gain Muscle (Except Training Effectively)

    Good grief, how come there are so many things a lifter needs to remember to be able to help him make reasonable gains in the weight room. This is especially true for guys who are training to gain muscle – for them the way they live their life becomes even more important than the lifting itself and the moments outside the gym becomes even more important than the moments spent IN the gym.

    Fortunately I have a great revelation to all those bodybuilders who wish to get the most muscle gains in the least amount of time. I know that you are bombarded with tons and tons of guru input and lifestyle modification guides, stuff like the best time to eat you protein, the post workout window, that you shouldn’t do this and you should do that or else..ENOUGH OF THAT!!


    Because the reality is the most important thing you need to know about building muscle is to:

    What? No! This is not some Earth Day Ad – this is not for the environment; this is not for the sake of the rainforests; nor is this for the air that we breathe or for some fancy carbon footprints and stuff like that; this is not even for the poor African children nor for YOUR children for that matter. This is for something more selfish, yet more interesting than all of those:


    You got that right! For the muscles, girl! At the end of the day, the most profound thing that you could do for those babies that you’ve been caring for to grow is to conserve your own energy (of course along with consuming enough calories in the first place).

    This is how Grimek Conserved his energy:

    For serious iron enthusiasts, it is very very important to conserve energy.
    Number 1: to assure that your body would have enough left for muscle tissue repairs following your brief, grueling, high intensity training sessions.

    And number 2, to send your body the right signals that it is in the right environment for muscle gain.
    Know what: your body doesn’t like gaining too much muscle that is why we have these pesky myostatins to put muscle growth at bay. That is because your muscles are one of the most (if not the MOST) energy consuming tissues in your body. Your skeletal muscles are like calorie-voracious roommates and the home owner always wants to kick them out because they always empty the fridge.
    Your body wants to limit the amount of muscles that you gain only to the amount that it can at any given moment. And one more thing: because your body will always strive to be at the lowest energy state, so NOT conserving energy is a surefire way to sabotage your muscle gains.
    However, in no way am I telling you that you must limit each and every move that you make to the point that you have no life at all! Below I will describe some simple changes that you can do today to conserve energy:

    -Short and intense workouts: Try to do the most amount of work that you can do for the least amount of time. Do only useful things within the time frame when you are in the gym and you must do this for the sake of conserving and maximizing your energy and so that you can to the recuperation stage much sooner.

    Short and intense weight training sessions challenge the body thus signalling it that it needs to “hire” some neophyte muscle fibers (growth) but it also signals that it is not in an energy restricted environment or crisis that it needs to tone down its recruitment process. Long-winded sessions signal your body such especially if they begin to resemble those of an endurance athlete – that would be a disaster.


    -Sleep WHENEVER you get the chance: preferably you must have at least TEN hours of peaceful shuteye in a day. If you’re at work you might also want to spend your break time taking a nap instead of going out for a smoke. At home you might want to take those “siestas” or afternoon naps. The Spanish take siestas after eating lunch which is great for a bodybuilder to follow especially if he’s bulking up.
    -Don’t run marathons: marathons would sabotage your testosterone production and not to mention will make your muscles adapt the wrong way. If you are not a bodybuilder or a weight lifter this is perfectly fine so unless you are preparing for a boxing match, steer clear from any type of endurance work.

    -No videogames: Avoid video games especially if you tend to get addicted to them. Lest you find yourself lose hours of sleep and mental energy investing in something that is not real. You might even lose interest in lifting once you get addicted to games. And this is coming from real experience – I easily get addicted to games especially RPGs like GTA, Suikoden, Castlevania, Ragnarok, Pokemon, and many more.

    -Limit partying to a minimum: This is indeed a sacrifice but you must prioritize whether you really want to get drunk every other night or gain muscle? Once a week partying should be enough.

    -Be a homeboy: Yep, this sound boring but the biggest gains I’ve ever had was when I wasn’t able to go anywhere else but home and weight room. Then at home I would just eat and sleep. So, if you’re really serious (and if possible); plan at least a week or two when you wouldn’t go anywhere but home and gym.

    -Don’t get stressed out: Your brain consumes more than half of your body’s energy reserves and during mental stress that number goes up BIG TIME. Of all these items in the list THIS item is what will make you conserve the MOST energy if followed.
    And off course remember to SMILE since frowning costs more calories that is another great way to save energy. Let me ask you guys: what methods do you use to conserve energy from day to day? By the way check out our FREE Weight-Lifting regimens for effective muscle gains. And “eat your eggs”, like what I always say!