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  • Medicine Ball Rotational Throw

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    Stretching and strengthening your External Oblique muscles tends to go against the traditional way in which you throw items. Normally, when throwing a medicine ball you would use your arms and your shoulders to create the power. However, the Medicine Ball Rotational Throw makes full use of your External Oblique muscles (situated either side of your abdominal muscles). There are two particular variations for this exercise.

    In the first instance, stand a relatively short distance away from a wall with your shoulders facing straight on. While holding a medicine ball twist the top half of your torso to the right and with your arms extended, turn back quickly and throw the medicine ball against the wall. The power in this instance comes from the External Oblique muscles. Now try twisting your torso to the left, throwing the medicine ball against the wall and moving back to the right.

    The second Medicine Ball Rotational Throw sees you positioned shoulders side on to a wall. As above, first twist your torso to the right and throw the medicine ball against the wall, catching it when it rebounds – using the power of the twist to throw. You will need to turn about face, to try from the left and side thereby strengthening and exercising the left and right External Oblique muscles.