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  • Lying Crossover exercise

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    While the lying crossover exercise, which may require the help of a partner, looks a little brutal, in reality it is very simple to do and very effective especially for muscles such as your abductors. Initially you need to lie on your back on the floor with your legs extended flat outwards. Simply bend the knee of your left leg and crossover your right leg attempting to touch the floor with the knee of your left leg. This is where your partner comes in (or you can push the knee yourself); leaning over you they should push down on your left shoulder and push your left knee towards the ground. You then need to lift your knee against the hand of your partner, attempting to lift your knee as far off the ground as possible.

    If they hold it steady, there will be very little in the way of movement and after 10 or 20 seconds the leg should be relaxed after which it should be pressed to the floor again. This is one of those strange exercises when nothing actually seems to happen but it is the resistance when pushing against your partner’s hand which stretches and utilises your muscles. Once you have finished with the left leg, switchover and do the same exercise on the right leg.