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  • Lateral Raises with Dumbbells

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    This exercise will improve the lateral deltoids and while fairly simple it will surprise many people to learn that this exercise is not always done in the correct manner. Known as the Lateral Raises with Dumbbells exercise you simply stand as normal with a dumbbell in each hand held via an over the top grip. It is essential that the dumbbells are not too heavy as you need to maintain straight arms when lifting both dumbbells at the same time. If the dumbbells are too heavy you will need to bend your arms which will take the focus away from your lateral deltoids – a totally different exercise. The best way to think of this exercise is that you are lifting your elbows as opposed to the actual dumbbells. So, raising your arms to a 90 degree angle with your shoulders and, just as importantly, slowly lowering the weights to the starting position will ensure that your lateral deltoids are exercised.