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  • Lateral band walk exercise

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    The vast majority of useful exercises involve some kind of resistance and the lateral band walk exercise is perfect when looking to strengthen the top of your thighs as well as the abductor muscles. Using one of the fitness bands readily available today, place the band around either your lower legs or your knees. The knees tend to offer less resistance and are therefore often a good starting point whereas placing the band around your ankles is tougher.

    Stand with your feet shoulder length apart, with your knees and hips slightly bent. Your head and chest should be in an upright position. This is known as the starting position and then you simply take a very slow lateral steps to the side, maintaining the bent knees and hips. Doing this exercise at slow pace will increase the tension/resistance and it is important that the legs are always at least shoulder length apart. After taking a few steps to the right side, simply start moving left and back to your starting position. You should gradually increase the number of repetitions as you feel stronger and fitter.