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  • Keys to a Successful Workout Routine

    Everybody wants that spring break/summer/beach body but how many people actually look the way they imagined by the time the temperature starts rising? Probably not a whole lot. Now, there are countless ways to go about getting that dream body, or simply getting back into shape. Some of those routes are healthy, while others aren’t so much. In order to improve your overall wellness, better your physical image, boost self-confidence, and improve so many other aspects of your life, there are a few important points that you should remember.
    First and foremost, control what you can control. One piece of advice that my father told me when I was younger was that a lot of things are out of your control but the two things that you will always have control of are your attitude and effort.

    Secondly, don’t get hung up on the number on a scale. Weight is just a number. Muscle weighs more than fat so don’t get frustrated if you don’t fluctuate a whole lot after doing a strength training program for awhile. Don’t put too much emphasis on that number. What is important is how you feel. Never let anybody else or a scale determine that for you.
    “It’s 70% diet, 30% gym.” False. In order to get the absolute most out of your work ethic and nutrition, you must go all in. It should be 100% diet, 100% gym. Moderation is key but try to limit the amount of cheat meals. Decide if what you are craving in the moment is more important than your long-term goal. Getting started is the hardest part and once you get on the right track, it’s easier to maintain a healthy regimen in the kitchen. Some key foods to cut out of your diet include alcohol, sugary treats, processed foods, and deep-fried items. Important foods to incorporate more often are lean meats, such as chicken, turkey, beef, fish, eggs, healthy carbohydrates like rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, fruits, and vegetables, and healthy fats that include fish, nuts, nut butter, and avocados.


    Girls. Pay attention. One misconception about exercising is that strength training will cause you to get big and bulky. This is completely false. Due to the significantly lower levels of testosterone in females, naturally, it would be very difficult to obtain a large, masculine physique. Don’t get me wrong, hitting the treadmill and doing some ab exercises are great. But it has been shown that strength training actually has the ability to burn more fat that cardio exercises. Give it a shot. Ease your way into things. Don’t overdo it and cause yourself to be so sore that you can’t walk for a week. But strength training definitely helps with toning, getting those nice legs, a Jen Selter booty, and that flat stomach that you want.
    Guys. It feels great to have a ripper upper body with vascularity and striations but don’t forget that your legs are half of your body. DO NOT IGNORE THEM. As much as you think you may, you do not want to look like Johnny Bravo. He may tip over any minute because of his toothpick legs.


    Find a partner to keep you accountable. It is much easier to push yourself when you have somebody there to spot you and keep you on the right track towards whatever your goal may be.
    Whether it’s lack of motivation, laziness, or the morning after a night at the bars that cause you not to want to workout, make sure you force yourself into the gym on those days. These times are the deal breakers. Any workout is better than no workout. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself after getting a good sweat in on those days.
    Be patient. Realize that you wont see dramatic changes over night. Understand that good things take time. Continue to grind it out and work on bettering yourself each day and you will make tremendous strides.

    Lastly, have fun with it. If you don’t enjoy working out, it won’t be a long-term process. Switch things up here and there. Don’t take it too seriously. Also, step back and take the time to notice how much better you do look. But don’t be that person trying to stealthily sneak a peak at yourself while flexing in the mirror. Yes, we did see that.

    Keys to a Successful Workout Routine
    Andrew Seymour