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  • Why do I need to exercise?

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    We all know we have to exercise, we all know exercise is good for us but why to we need to exercise? What does exercise do for our body, mind and soul? Yes, these subjects may be a little deep to be talking about today but they are worth thinking about. Have you ever asked yourself, why do I need to exercise?

    Prevent diseases

    We know from various research programmes that regular exercise not only improves your physical fitness and health but can also help to fight disease. There are a number of specific diseases which are positively impacted by regular exercise which include heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes not to mention an array of mental illnesses. You will probably notice that those who exercise on a regular basis through to later life tend not to look their age. It is official, regular exercise can improve your appearance!

    Using adrenaline to improve your fitness regime

    Using adrenaline to improve your fitness regime

    Improve stamina

    It might be a little difficult to get your head round but there is evidence to show that regular exercise improves your stamina by literally making your body more efficient. The more regular you carry out certain exercises, the less energy is required to do the same level of exercise in the future. This is perfectly illustrated by the speed at which your heart returns to “resting levels” after strenuous exercise. Indeed, your heart rate and health of your heart are two very important factors when it comes to measuring your overall health.

    Improved flexibility

    Very often while carrying out regular exercise routines you will notice that your body is slowly becoming more flexible. You become more “bendy” and you will have a greater reach and ability to twist at different angles. Exercise also helps to avoid upper back or neck pain which is very often a direct result of stress. Balance and coordination are also improved by regular exercise, let alone the fact you are burning calories at the same time.

    Weight control

    When you strip out the fashionable diets, bizarre exercises and advice from the experts, weight control is simply the balance of food which you intake against the calories burnt in your everyday life. The more calories you burn above those which you intake the greater the weight loss and vice versa. We all know that exercise makes you sweat, makes our heart beat a little quicker and therefore has a direct impact upon the calories you are burning. Never forget that!

    Why do I need to exercise?

    Why do I need to exercise?

    Mental health

    Whether you are stuck behind a desk 24/7, or you have a physical job, not only do need to consider your physical health but also your mental health. Exercise helps to rid your body of stresses/strains and allows you to step outside of your business environment for a short space of time and concentrate on something different. Fresh air and light also have a major impact upon your mental health although unfortunately far too few people appreciate this.


    Research has confirmed time and time again that regular exercise helps to release what are known as endorphins which give you that “feelgood factor”. When you also take in the fight against disease, reduced stress and strains on your mind and body not to mention weight loss, there really is a lot going for regular exercise. Whether you are simply out walking with your dog, or pumping iron in the gym, you need to do what is best for you. There is no right and wrong with regards to the amount of exercise you do and the type of exercise – while we all need to exercise, we are all very different.