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  • How To Look Thinner

    There are plenty of reasons to lose weight. Primarily, you should lose weight to become healthy. But today, society’s standards of beauty put pressure on being thin. Most people exercise, stay active, and diet to look good and come across as attractive.

    But losing weight is no child’s play. It takes months and even years of hard work to burn those calories, get rid of body fat, and drop a few sizes. If you’re tired of continuously trying to lose weight, we may have something for you

    Do you want to look thinner quickly? For people who want a praise-worthy body and look thin, working hard on strengthening muscles and building mass is important. By doing the right exercises, such as a lats workout, you can get into shape and look thin in no time!

    Slim Body

    Tip to Look Thinner Without Losing Weight

    When your schedule is jampacked, finding the time to go to the gym and exercise can be difficult. Although everyone wants to look slim and proudly flaunt a perfect figure, it requires great effort, hard work, and a lot of free time to achieve such wonderful results.

    But what if you could look thinner without putting in intense effort in the gym?

    According to The New York Times, the famous makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury talked about how makeup, more specifically contouring, is one-way people can make themselves look thinner than they actually are. That’s right, and you can look thinner without losing weight. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you look like you have your ideal body.

    1. Choose The Right Fit

    The basic idea is to know what size you are. Wearing clothes that are too small or too big can make you look like you weigh more than you actually do. This is why, no matter how much you weigh, it’s important to find the size that fits you perfectly, not an inch tight or an inch lose.

    2. Steer Away From the Problem Areas

    Do you have heavy thighs or arms? Is your tummy sticking out?

    The best way to look thinner is by knowing your problem areas and buying clothes that hide them perfectly. For example, people with heavier thighs should wear dresses that will cover their legs properly, hiding the problematic area intelligently! And those who have their tummies sticking out should wear t-shirts or tops that are lost from the tummy while perfectly sit over the shoulders and chest. While taking focus away from your problem areas, wear clothing that focuses on the parts of your body that you like. This way, others won’t notice the tiny bulge rather spend time praising your perfectly toned body!

    3. Wear a Body Shaper

    This tip definitely works like magic. People who want to appear thinner can use a body shaper to help them do so without hitting the gym. This stretchable item comes in a free size. It tucks away your bulges and tummy brilliantly, giving you a perfectly toned figure to be proud of.

    4. Accessorize!

    Another way of steering attention away from your problem or “fatty” areas is by accessorizing yourself with statement jewelry. A shiny wristwatch or a necklace embedded with diamantes will do the trick. Accessories very easily attract people towards them, steering attention away from areas that actually make you look fat. Thus, accessories are a great way to get people’s eyes away from any part of your body that makes you uncomfortable.

    Slim Fitting Clothes

    5. The Right Colors and Patterns

    People say that black is everyone’s color, and they’re right. For people who weigh more than they’d like to and wish to appear thinner, wearing dark colors, especially black, is a great option. These colors always make you look slimmer.

    You also want to avoid bold and big patterns and go for vertical stripes rather than horizontal. These create an illusion which makes you appear thinner. Similarly, smaller patterns make you look thinner, as well.

    These principals should also apply to your choice of gym wear. Your workout clothes should represent your personality but you should take careful consideration when choosing clothing to get sweaty in. Opting for dark colours that won’t show sweat marks is crucial, as well as avoiding leggings and t-shirts with big bold patterns.

    We know some people feel self conscious in the gym so choose subtle clothing that can allow you to feel comfortable and stay focused on your training. Many stores such as Anax Fitness and Sports Direct will offer sizing and style options for all shapes and sizes. There are many fitness brands that cater for plus size athletes such as Nike, Under Armour, GASP, and Gold’s Gym. Modern fitness clothing can be purchased at relatively low prices and modern technology has advanced the performance attributes of t-shirts, tanks, and sweats.

    Feel Good About Yourself

    6. Stand Tall

    Adopting a good posture is not only beneficial for your health but can also make you appear thinner. Tuck in your tummy, straighten up your back and stand tall to hide away that bulge skillfully.

    7. Cleanse Your Body

    Most of the time, we munch down unhealthy food that can cause bloating. Food items such as beans, garlic, and lentils are known to cause indigestion and lead to bloating and gas. A bloated stomach can make you look like you weigh more than you actually do.

    So, for people who want to look thinner, it’s a good idea to avoid food that can cause bloating. Especially before leaving for a party or an important meeting! If possible, gulp down a hot cup of green tea once or twice a day to cleanse your body of all the toxins and get rid of any bloating that you may have. You’ll be surprised, without bloating you can actually drop down a size.


    According to Forbes, the standard of beauty in multiple cultures is more or less the same. People are judged on their looks, especially women. The pressure to lose weight and appear slim can be frustrating.
    Not everyone has the time, money, or determination to hit the gym and lose weight. Yet, people want to look thinner! Thankfully, with these tips mentioned above, you can now look thinner without losing weight.

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