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  • How to Exercise the Teres Major & Minor Muscles

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    The teres major muscle is a posterior shoulder muscle, often referred to as the “lat’s little helper” because of its role in assisting the larger latissimus dorsi. It aids in internal rotation, adduction, and extension of the shoulder joint. Strengthening exercises for the teres major include shoulder internal rotation, pullovers, and pull-ups. To strengthen the teres minor and teres major muscles, here are some exercises:

    For Teres Minor:

    1. Shoulder External Rotation – Demonstrated as an exercise to work on external rotation of the shoulder.
    2. Rear Delt Fly (Transverse Abduction) – This exercise involves transverse abduction of the shoulder and targets the teres minor.
    3. Transverse Row – A specific exercise to strengthen the teres minor muscle.

    For Teres Major:

    1. Shoulder Internal Rotation – This exercise focuses on internal rotation of the shoulder, working the teres major.
    2. Pullover (Extension Movement) – An exercise that engages the teres major through extension movements.
    3. Pull Up – This exercise helps abduct the teres major muscle, bringing it closer to the body.

    These exercises help develop strength and stability in both the teres minor and teres major muscles.