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  • Hip circle exercises against sturdy object

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    There are a number of ways in which you can vary the standard hip circle exercise and one is to use a sturdy object (a wall, etc) and take a slightly different stance than normal. Leaning towards the sturdy object, place your feet at least a couple of feet back and lean forward (placing your hands on the wall, object) then lift one foot off the ground and raise the heel of the other so you are balanced on your toes. If you are balanced on the toes of your right foot then simply lift your left foot in a wide circular motion going forward, round and then come from the back to the starting position. In order to maintain the tension you need to ensure that the foot which is being rotated is off the ground at all times. Repeat with the other foot and add repetitions when you feel comfortable.

    This exercise is perfect for loosening muscles in the upper thigh and working out your abductors.