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  • Fitness Transitioning: Passionate Enthusiast to Mainstream Lifestyle

    With its dynamic nature, the fitness industry has been witnessing a revolutionary transformation on the back of development and inception of various trends with manufacturers vying for dais positions. That said, the speedily trending concept of functional fitness has witnessed significant momentum in recent years.

    The transition from being a passion for many to more of a mainstream activity, functional fitness has been hitting minds of several individuals, on the back of various health benefits it offers. With several years of high-intensity training reigning supreme, a rediscovery of functional training emphasizing more on movement quality over capacity and load has been witnessed in 2018. That said, several health clubs, including big brands such as Gold’s Gym are incorporating functional fitness training activities in their facilities.

    Group Training Gains Traction

    Group training and group classes have been an upcoming trend that has reshaped the functional fitness industry. With a community feeling under the hood, functional fitness exercises are carried out in unison. Group training has been gaining high traction since 2017, designed to motivate and enhance the effectiveness of functional workout of individuals.

    In addition, the functional fitness industry continues to witness a breakdown of divisions between group fitness trainers and one-on-one personal instructors. With the increasing popularity of small-group training, personal trainers are developing the necessary skills to lead group functional workouts. With the on-going community exercising trend, individual participants are more inclined towards the camaraderie of training with other participants. Instructor-led and group-based studio workouts such as Orange Theory Fitness and CrossFit are likely to grow in popularity with increasing studio concepts featuring effective and time-efficient functional workout activities entering the market.

    That said, companies involved in the fitness industry are launching innovative functional fitness training hubs. One such example is led by Escape Fitness Ltd. that is launching a new space-efficient frame-based solution particularly for functional training studios, boutiques, and gyms that are offering challenge, novelty, and community along with results to their member bases. With its HIT HUB platform, Escape Fitness believes that this functional frame will largely influence experience seeking individuals. HIT HUB workout station offers several functional fitness exercise variations along with storage options for athletes of all levels. This single station incorporated with additional training modules is an efficient boutique solution with a multitude of exercising applications. It includes several equipment attachments detailed below.

    • HIT Board – This adjustable bench offers various configurations for decline and incline or even flat workouts. It features abdominal conditioning and strength training and consumes less space

    • WOD RINGS – These gymnastic rings provide a wide range of exercises to the user from amateur to expert level difficulty that enhances flexibility as well as strengthens the entire body, making it a fundamental tool for functional fitness training

    • PLYO FIVE – This new tool in plyometric training includes five boxes in a single module that provides different variations and new step heights which facilitates stable workout

    • THE HOLSTER – It is a vertical dumbbell rack that offers convenient storage, enhances safety quotient by eliminating equipment clutter and saves space

    • BOX SOX – Easy, quick and convenient, BOX SOX removes the need for time-consuming hand wraps during combat training and ensures comfort, provides hygiene and support during workouts

    In the era of fitspo, the fitness industry, coupled with the functional fitness concept, is able to offer extra with little equipment modification. Additionally, the proliferation of wearable technology is also shaping the functional fitness space. Wearable tech includes smartwatches, activity trackers, heart rate monitors, smart eyeglasses and GPS tracking devices. For instance, various tech giants have introduced wearable tech for the fitness industry such as Fitbit, Apple Watch and Forerunner 645 Music, to name a few. A detailed trend analysis in the functional fitness equipment market has been covered by a leading market research firm, which elaborates the likelihood of expansion of the functional fitness space in the forthcoming years.

    The insights presented here are from a research study on Functional Fitness Equipment Market by Fact.MR.