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  • Forearm Plank

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    While some people see planking as some kind of exercise craze, it can have a major impact upon your core strength and in particular your abdominal muscles. As well as exercising the abdominal muscles it also helps with shoulders, arms and glutes and can also improve your metabolism which will increase fat burn. For many people the forearm plank is the most popular variation on this exercise and is fairly simple to do.

    This exercise can be carried out in almost any location where there is a flat surface. The forearm plank variation requires you to place the forearms on the ground with your elbows aligned below the shoulders. In a similar fashion to a push-up, place your toes on the ground and push your legs and back upwards ensuring that you remain straight. Very quickly will feel the tension building in your abdominal muscles and your initial aim should be to hold the position straight, without any movement, for 20 seconds. As you build up your stamina and core strength you should be able to significantly extend the initial 20 second period. Stop immediately if you feel any pain or major discomfort.