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  • Exercises for Teres Major/Minor & Rhomboids

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    Exercising the teres major involves movements that engage the posterior shoulder muscle, aiding in internal rotation, adduction, and extension of the shoulder. Activities like rows, pull-ups, and internal rotation exercises help strengthen and stabilize the teres major, contributing to improved shoulder function and overall upper body strength. Dr. Edith Hoist, founder of Revolution in Motion, demonstrates exercises to target the teres major, teres minor, and rhomboid muscles. Here’s a summary and bullet points for each exercise:

    Summary: Dr. Edith Hoist presents exercises to address the teres major, teres minor, and rhomboid muscles. These movements enhance shoulder mechanics and athleticism.

    Sword Pull:

    • Bridge position with feet hip-width apart, knees at 90 degrees, and tailbone lengthening toward knees.
    • Hold weights near hips.
    • Right hand crosses over to left hip, pulling across the body to the right shoulder.
    • Circle the weight back around.
    • Left hand crosses over to right hip, reaching across the body and circling back.
    • Engages wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, and shoulder blade rotation.

    Crossover Fly:

    • Maintain the bridge position.
    • Start with arms crossed over the chest, elbows up.
    • Open arms wide, keeping elbows bent.
    • Rotate wrists as they cross each other.
    • Palms always face the ceiling.
    • Feel chest and shoulder opening, shoulder blades moving away and back toward the spine.

    Elbows to Ceiling:

    • Drape over the ball with legs extended.
    • Front of the chin rests on the ball.
    • Arms extended out to the sides.
    • Palms facing away from the ball.
    • Keep elbows in line with shoulders.
    • Pull elbows up to the ceiling.
    • Focus on wrist alignment with elbows.
    • Strengthens shoulder mechanics and athleticism