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  • How Exercise Helps Your Wellbeing and Reduces Stress

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    Exercise has a lot of benefits, it increases fitness and strength, adds healthy consistency to your lifestyle and even benefits your social life. One of the most important benefits of exercise is how it positively affects your overall well-being and reduces stress levels. Everyone has different reasons to be stressed on a daily basis, exercise is one of the best ways to reduce the burden and help your daily well-being. Here are the key reasons why any form of exercise can benefit your well-being.

    Healthier Lifestyle

    The less exercise your body does, the more complacent it will become, motivation levels to be active will slowly decline and naturally, a lazier lifestyle will fall into place. Exercise, in the beginning, it’s tough and a shock to the system, but over time your body becomes accustomed to it. At this point you will have more of a desire to be proactive, going for walks, taking up a hobby or even taking up different workouts. You might begin by jogging and decide you want to start increasing your body strength by lifting weights.


    How Exercise Helps Your Wellbeing and Reduces Stress

    Work is known for increasing stress levels and with that, the stress can sometimes be taken home. This is likely to reduce the amount of sleep you have which over time will affect your work rate, which means it becomes a negative circle of repetition impacting your lifestyle. A statically proven benefit of exercise is its ability to reduce stress levels. Working out makes your body produce endorphins that work as natural painkillers for your mind, which in turn helps with sleep and stress levels. Even taking deep breaths produces these endorphins; that’s where the term “take a deep breath” originates from.


    With less stress and a healthier body naturally your confidence will enhance. The way you perceive yourself is where confidence originates from, and if your happier with your body and mind your confidence to try new things will shine. Whether it’s entering a long-distance race, attending new functions or applying for a new role in your career, confidence has an impact on everyday life. Even buying fitness clothing can make you feel excited and confident to attend the gym and wear your new clothes, but that’s not to say you must buy new clothes, some people are happy wearing their old clothes whilst at the gym.


    With the decline in stress levels, it leaves room for a more creative edge to flourish. Whether it is in the workplace or just making other daily tasks more efficient your mind has less weight bound to it, which increases focus elsewhere. Intelligence also increases, your happiness and wellbeing are tended to, meaning more time to think about positive topics consciously and subconsciously is created.


    With the combination of confidence, creativity and better wellbeing your efficiency at most tasks will likely become better. This is best seen in the workplace, usually where it matters most, being efficient with work is a desirable attribute and often doesn’t go unnoticed by superiors.


    There isn’t a downside to exercise, it only benefits your body and mind with positive outcomes. Exercises can be as strenuous as you what them to be, using the cross trainer or doing yoga are low impact exercises that still offer positive outcomes if you prefer not to be running long distances and burning yourself out. There might be a few tough gym sessions ahead of you but the tiredness of hard work is short-term and the positive effects on your well-being are all long term.

    Richard Meadow is a freelance writer that works closely with health and fitness topics. He enjoys researching and writing about well-being and sports and how they can benefit everyone in day to day life.