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  • Defy Ageing

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    The secret to eternal youth, oh if only we had the answers. The population spends millions each year on face creams, botox, collagen, facials and such like. We also waste hours worrying about our age, dreading the next birthday and worrying that we’re losing our minds a little more each passing year. But what if you were to discover that there actually is a way to not only slow down the ageing process, but also to reverse it? Sounds interesting right.

    Unfortunately, this secret doesn’t come in pill or liquid form, nor by someone rubbing your pressure points, it comes from hard work and commitment. The answer is in movement, nourishment and well being. Studies have now proven this to be true, so if you want to knock years off of you, then start taking care of yourself properly.

    Wake Up

    Exercise gives your mind and body a great blast, energising you and making you feel more alive and alert. It gives you a more positive outlook, simply by releasing the hormones that make us feel good. In addition to this, it creates a sense of self pride, when we realise what we are capable of. So often, it isn’t our body which holds us back, our bodies are capable of almost anything, it’s the mind we need to train. This vigour can make you feel younger and carefree almost instantly.


    Exercise is great for your skin. All that extra blood flow from your workout helps to keep your skin soft and supple. Research shows that regular exercisers have more elasticity and suppleness in their skin, sometimes taking 10 years off of someone’s skin age. Surely that’s worth a few goes round the block?


    Exercises such as yoga and pilates helps to keep you more supple. Improved flexibility encourages you to move more easily, helping you to look and feel younger. Everyday tasks don’t become the strain which less fit people struggle with. It can also help with balance, therefore, preventing falls and injury. Being able to move around freely gives the impression and feel of being younger. It also means you won’t have to put up with the aches and pains which come with stiff joints.

    Improved Mood

    Ever heard the expression ‘grumpy old man’? Often, old people have a persona of being a bit grumpy. Regular exercise helps to boost your mood, meaning you won’t fall into this trap. You’ll look great, feel great and this mood will shine from you, making you happier and more beautiful inside and out.

    Exercise also helps with sleep patterns, slower cell ageing, sex drive, metabolism, fat stores and so much more, all of which can add years to your looks and ways. By staying fit and healthy, you are keeping yourself younger physically and mentally, and also potentially adding years to your life too. So put the time and effort into something which really does matter, and save your pounds on those expensive miracle creams and facials.

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