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  • Cable Front Raise

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    The Cable Front Raise is a very good exercise for developing your front deltoids which can be carried out using one arm at a time or using a double grip – both arms. When doing individual arms simply stand next to the cable machine with the machine set at the lowest point. Using a top grip where your fingers point downwards, simply lift your arm as it remains straight until you are level with your shoulders. Pause for a second at the top then lower the cable down to the starting position – you will feel the constant tension from the cable machine. Repeat and then swap arms.

    The exercise can be done two-handed, standing with your back towards the cable machine, placing your arms down in between your legs at full stretch. Maintaining a hold of the cable, simply lift your arms (ensuring that they remain straight rigid) until both arms are level with your shoulders. Pause at the top of the cycle and then slowly lower down back to the starting position then repeat the process.