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  • Should We Buy Organic Protein?

    Protein is the key to building muscles successfully. It is useful if you are into bodybuilding, athletics, weightlifting, or any other activity that involves strenuous labor. Without quality protein intake, you will suffer many problems if you try to get involved in any such activity. Your body will be unprepared for the demanding physical activity without effective support of the protein. How much protein do you need? What type of protein should you take? What is the best source of protein? Is there any advantage of taking only non-GMO organic protein? You need to know answers to these questions if you want to achieve physical excellence.

    Why Do You Need Protein?

    Every cell of your body has protein in some ways. It is not only the muscles, even hair and nails have protein. It is the building block of muscles but other body components also contain it. Your daily activities lead to damage and decay of muscles. The muscle tissues are repaired every day. For repairing and building muscle tissues, the body needs the right amount of essential nutrients. Your body needs different types of vitamins, minerals, chemicals, enzymes, and hormones to function properly. The protein forms an important part of muscles, bones, cartilage, blood, and skin. It helps you keep fit and healthy. Your muscles recover faster from tiring activities when your body gets sufficient amount of protein.

    How Much Protein Do You Need?

    Just because it is the building block of muscles, it does mean you should take it excessively. Protein is a macronutrient similar to fat and carbohydrates. It means you are going to need protein in large amount to stay healthy. However, there is a limit to its intake depending on several factors. One problem is that the body does not keep a reserve of it. When your body is running low on protein, you will start feeling weak and exhausted. This problem becomes acute when you reach middle age. Your body can no longer get sufficient proteins solely from the common foods. Bodybuilders, athletes and sports persons suffer the loss of proteins due to their heavy workouts and physical training. Working out heavily without quality nutrition can be damaging to the body. It can result in injuries. All such individuals have to make sure they get sufficient amount of protein.

    What Type of Protein Is Good for You?

    There are a variety of food items that are good sources of protein. These items include meat, fish, milk, eggs, soy, legumes, beans, peanut butter, and nuts. Milk contains a good amount of high-quality protein. This protein has all amino acids that a human body needs. Proteins sourced from animal products like meat, eggs, and milk are a complete protein. Protein obtained from the natural sources is more satisfying because it comes combined with other essential nutrients that body needs. At the same time, individuals in need of extra protein can benefit from intake of protein supplements. These products are prepared with the help of proteins obtained from natural sources.

    The Importance of Protein in Building Muscles

    Why Do You Need Protein?

    Why Do You Need Protein?

    Without protein, it is not possible to build muscles. Intense workouts lead to loss of protein in the body. There is muscle damage that requires repair and recovery. Muscle in itself cannot repair without the support of essential nutrients. It needs these nutrients to heal and recover from the damage. When the right amount of protein is available, the cells are able to repair muscles successfully. It results in larger and stronger muscles. Protein is needed not only to build muscles; it is also responsible for the movement of muscles. During any type of body movement, the muscles contract and expand. This is possible due to the presence of actin and myosin proteins. The growth of muscles depends heavily on protein.

    How Much Protein Should a Person Consume?

    It depends on a person’s daily activities. Someone performing heavy workouts daily has a higher need for protein compared to a person who spends most of the time in a desk job and does not do any strenuous activity. The latter type of person is not going to need more than 0.40 grams of protein every day for every pound of body weight. On the other hand, individuals like athletes and bodybuilders need more than double of this amount. They are recommended to get at least 0.50-0.80 grams of protein per day for every pound of weight. It is important to know that excessive intake of protein is not good for the body. It causes toxic reactions in the liver and kidneys. On the other hand, lack of protein leads to severe malnutrition. It can result in loss or gain of weight.

    How Is Protein Used in the Body?

    Protein is used by the body to make hormones like insulin and progesterone. Hemoglobin found in red blood cells is a protein. It carries oxygen to the body cells. Heat shock proteins are needed for cellular repair after the muscle stress. Transport protein like ceruloplasmin, metallothionine, and transferrin bind with nutrients and carry them to the body cells. The movement of the body depends on muscle protein like myoglobin. The genetic codes are stored in RNA and DNA proteins. Enzymes are essentially proteins needed in various chemical reactions in the body. Structural elements of the body like cartilage, collagen, keratin, and elastin depend on proteins, minerals and calcium for strength and stability.

    Protein Supplements

    Individuals who cannot obtain sufficient amount of protein from their daily meals benefit from protein supplement consumption. These supplements are available in the form of powders and bars. There are meat replacements and pre-digested protein products. A variety of sources is used to make such supplements. Whey and casein proteins are sourced from the milk. Other food sources for the proteins include eggs, soy, peas, rice, yeast, and fish. Supplements made using whey protein are the most popular products among bodybuilders, athletes, and sports persons. Meal replacements containing protein have many other food ingredients.

    Why use Natural and Organic Protein Supplements?

    Wheelhouse Nutrition

    Wheelhouse Nutrition

    The problem with most popular protein supplements is that these products contain preservatives and other chemicals. The purpose of using such substances is to increase the supplement’s taste, flavor, look and shelf life. There are some manufacturers that make protein supplements using only natural ingredients. These supplements provide all the benefits of protein without the dangers of toxic elements found in the general protein supplements. The natural protein supplements are prepared without chemicals, preservatives, and sweeteners. In fact, there are manufacturers that go a step further. They make non-GMO organic protein supplements. The ingredients for these supplements are sourced in a completely organic way.

    Why Are Some People Unable to Digest Protein Properly?

    Individuals suffering from illnesses like ulcer, cancer, colitis, and others are unable to digest the protein properly. Protein supplements made with non-organic sources can contain toxic elements including metals. It interferes with the proper digestion of protein. Malnutrition, fatigue, and stress affect proper digestion of foods. Intestine infections due to bacteria, yeast, parasites or others make it difficult to digest proteins properly. Some types of medicines interfere with the effective digestion of protein.

    It is important to take supplements that have protein sourced from natural and organic sources. A supplement should be taken only after consulting the doctor. Any type of protein supplement should be consumed only in the recommended dosage. Only quality products that have been made by a registered and licensed manufacturer should be used. The supplement must have been tested. Read reviews and testimonials before buying a particular protein supplement product.