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  • Best Teres Major Exercises For A Broader Back

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    The teres major is a shoulder muscle located beneath the larger latissimus dorsi. It aids in shoulder movements such as internal rotation, adduction, and extension. Strengthening exercises, like rows and pull-ups, can target the teres major, contributing to overall shoulder strength and stability in activities like lifting and throwing. The video demonstrates exercises for the posterior shoulder muscles.

    Dumbbell Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Row:

    • Targets the posterior shoulder.
    • Use dumbbells.
    • Performed in a seated, bent-over position.

    Incline Dumbbell T Raise:

    • Focuses on the posterior shoulder.
    • Requires an incline bench.
    • Raise dumbbells in a T-shaped motion..

    Dumbbell Row Beginner:

    • A beginner-friendly exercise.
    • Uses dumbbells.

    45 Degree Incline Row:

    • Engages the posterior shoulder muscles.
    • Performed on a 45-degree incline bench.

    Incline Dumbbell Y Raise:

    • Concentrates on the posterior shoulder.
    • Utilizes an incline bench.
    • Raises dumbbells in a Y-shaped motion.

    Dumbbell Shrug:

    • Targets the posterior shoulder.
    • Requires dumbbells.
    • Performed by shrugging the shoulders.

    Bent Over Lateral Raise:

    • Focuses on the posterior shoulder.
    • Performed in a bent-over position.

    Bent Over Dumbbell Row:

    • Engages the posterior shoulder.

    Posterior Shoulder (Primary):

    • Emphasizes the importance of posterior shoulder exercises.

    The video provides an array of exercises to strengthen the posterior shoulder muscles, though specific sets and reps are not detailed.