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  • Best Hamstring Exercises with NO Equipment

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    In the video by Coach Brian with Amanda Lynn from CriticalBench.com, they demonstrate a series of hamstring exercises that can be performed without any equipment. Here’s a summary of the exercises they covered:

    1. Glute Ham Raise with Falling Fall: This involves anchoring your feet against a wall, falling forward slowly, and using the hamstrings to control the descent. Then, push up explosively to return to the starting position.
    2. Inchworm Crawl: This exercise mimics the movement of an inchworm, involving walking your hands forward into a plank position and then walking your feet towards your hands, keeping legs straight.
    3. Good Mornings: Standing with hands behind the head, bend at the hips while keeping the legs almost locked, and then return to the standing position. This stretches and strengthens the hamstrings and lower back.
    4. Single Leg Deadlift: Balance on one leg, lean forward and reach down as far as possible while extending the other leg backward, and then return to the upright position.
    5. Quadruped Single Leg Curl: On all fours, lift one leg and perform a curling motion, focusing on flexing the hamstring.
    6. Single Leg Glute Bridge: With one leg on a raised surface (like a bench) and the other leg lifted upwards, perform a bridge by raising the hips upwards.

    These exercises are designed to strengthen the hamstrings effectively, even in the absence of gym equipment.