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  • Beginning the Journey to Weight-Loss and Good Health

    Losing weight can be hard, especially in today’s environment – massive portions, greasy food, image-heavy marketing tempting you at every corner. Eating right is a serious challenge, and if you’ve tried – and failed – to lose weight before, you know exactly what we mean! But don’t be fooled into thinking that diets don’t work for you. True, traditional diets usually don’t in the long term, but there are plenty of little lifestyle changes you can make that will benefit you – and your waistline. Most importantly, you’ll develop a healthier relationship with food! Extreme diets that make us cranky and bring on celebratory binges, emotional eating – trust us, that’s not the way to go.


    Change your lifestyle, not just your diet.

    A quick-fix diet will just let you pack the pounds back on as soon as you stop! Think of it as a commitment to your health, not just a question of being slim, and make permanent, healthy changes to your lifestyle and food choices. This could include cutting down on greasy junk food, eating at home more versus going to restaurants so you can control exactly what goes in your food, cutting down on sugary pop and alcohol, and getting some form of exercise on a regular basis – even if it’s just walking or cycling versus taking the bus for a short distance everyday. If you can, make friends or join a group that supports you in your goals – it’s much harder to make lifestyle changes when you don’t have any emotional support! If you’re always around only friends who will encourage you to break your new habits, they’re not going to last long.


    Be patient and set long-term goals.

    Don’t try to drop a massive number of pounds in a short period – it’s not only hard, it’s unhealthy, and chances are you won’t be able to sustain it! Losing too much weight too fast can make you tired, sluggish and depressed. One or two pounds a week is practical and sustainable, and can be combined with some shorter-term goals to motivate yourself – for example, fitting into a bikini next summer! But always remember, what’s most important is feeling healthier and more confident in your body. That’s your long-term goal, and that’s what you’re working towards – and that’s what will stop you reaching for that extra piece of cake! Make things easier and more fun by tracking your progress – keep a food journal and monitor your weight loss so you stay motivated and aware that your new lifestyle is doing you good!


    It can take some time and experimentation to find the right diet for you – if you’re going to do something long-term, it needs to be the best possible. Try giving yourself a weight-loss and confidence boost as you start off, to help you feel motivated! Replacing your rice, noodles and pasta with low-carb konjac substitutes from Eat Water’s extra-low-calorie Slim range will ensure that you don’t have to entirely cut out on carb comfort food like Spaghetti Bolognese, or instant fixes like 2-minute noodles!

    I am John Walker. I mostly write on topics such as Fitness, Health, Diet and Weight Loss. I work with EatWater – Diet and Weight Loss Foods Manufacturer in United Kingdom as Dietician and Fitness Advisor.