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  • Barbell curls

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    Barbell curls are an excellent exercise for those looking to focus on their biceps. Sometimes referred to as barbell biceps curls, this exercise effectively “overloads” your biceps in a controlled manner. There is evidence to suggest that barbell curls are more effective when looking to strengthen your biceps when compared to more traditional dumbbells.

    One of the most common mistakes when doing barbell curls is to lean back when trying to make full use of the momentum you build up. It is vital that you stay straight, lift the barbell in a controlled manner as this will not only help your biceps but your core strength. Those who start barbell curls in a hurried and fast manner are likely to injure themselves and find it difficult not to lean back. Those taking their time and lifting the barbell in a slow and controlled manner will get the most benefit.

    It is probably beneficial to start with reps of 10 to build up your stamina and muscle and increase this when you feel comfortable.