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  • 8 BEST Exercises for Serratus Anterior

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    In this video by Dr. Tony Camella from E3 Rehab, he discusses the serratus anterior muscle, highlighting its importance and suggesting exercises for its development. The serratus anterior, originating from the first nine ribs and attaching to the scapula, plays a key role in scapular protraction and upward rotation. Exercises targeting this muscle can benefit shoulder health, increase shoulder awareness, and improve the aesthetic look of the area.

    He presents eight exercises emphasizing scapular protraction and upward rotation, along with a couple of options for those who find overhead movement uncomfortable:

    1. Uppercut: Involves reaching the arm up and across the body, focusing on bringing shoulder blades out and around.
    2. Dumbbell Arm Raises: Raising the arm overhead with a dumbbell, effective at higher angles of elevation.
    3. Push-up Plus to Downward Dog: Combines a push-up with a transition to downward dog, emphasizing scapular protraction.
    4. Push-up Plus to Dolphin Pose: Similar to the previous exercise, but performed on forearms.
    5. Wall Slide: Using a pillowcase or foam roller for arm slides along a wall, enhancing scapular movement.
    6. Banded Punch: Punching forward with a band, emphasizing scapular protraction at various arm angles.
    7. Dynamic Hug: Using a band to perform a hugging motion, maximizing shoulder blade separation.
    8. Push-up Plus: A standard push-up with a focus on scapular protraction.

    Additionally, compound exercises like overhead pressing and push-ups also engage the serratus anterior effectively. Dr. Camella recommends incorporating one to two of these exercises into regular training, depending on individual needs and goals, to benefit from improved shoulder function and aesthetics.